Pavement Crack pouring glue melt processing applications

China is well-known highway asphalt pavement cracking during use a common problem,how to accept many manufacturers feel this issue has become urgent to solve the problem,using asphalt pavement pouring glue prophylactic treatment of fractures is an effective way to effectively relieve road pavement crack performance and life bring further harm.Hot melt pouring glue(PL-W and BJ-200) are high-performance rubber asphalt pouring glue—Crack sealant PL-W,the product has a good performance at the same time, for different climatic conditions and reasonable adjustment formula,the price is far lower than the same performance of imported products.Four types were applied to 0 ℃, -10 ℃, -20 ℃, -30 ℃, customers can choose the most suitable according to their needs a product on their own.

Equipment Exhibition

road cracks pouring glue

Pouring glue construction method:
It is major cracks in the road closed by Notch Pouring,pouring construction steps:grooving, cleaning, perfusion (needle stick or seal-type)
Using a dedicated slot machines to perform that operation,cracks in accordance with label,according to the width and depth of cracks,adjust slot machine slot width and depth,midline aligned cracks cut uniform U-shaped groove,cracks at least two side walls of each removal of 3 mm,the new adhesive surface exposed.It is emphasized that,when the asphalt pavement surface layer does not have sufficient strength to withstand the impact of slotting cutting machine,not suitable for processing notching,but rather directly to the next step of the process,which is caulk.
Pouring glue heated to a temperature sink,pressure nozzle with a sealing machine with Calibrating after the can seam glue evenly poured into the tank,to ensure the temperature does not fall pouring glue,the discharge pipe should be fitted with heating function.Pouring nozzle needle can be used,recommended small slippers dragged into the cracks on both sides of 5 cm width of the seal coat paste,rack each work should be continuous perfusion,such as cracks filled letters unfinished required to fill and seal again.
3.Open the traffic
10-20 minutes after the opening of the cooling air temperature according to traffic conditions,in order to prevent the wheels from pouring glue stick, sometimes sprinkled sand on it after pouring.
Our company is also additives imported imported cold patch cold pouring sealant joints with new road pavement paste stickers affixed to plastic joints cracking concrete grassroots quick fix glue waterproof anti-corrosion materials road bridge anti-rutting agent emulsified asphalt and other products,for you to choose.