New model of road management

HCMC model refers to the road of professional maintenance contractors and owners to sign the long-term general contracting contract for the maintenance of the basis of cooperation, the owners in a reasonable range of conservation funds commissioned by professional maintenance contractors on the road, bridge and culvert (referred to as "road" ) And other comprehensive road production for the evaluation, maintenance design, conservation project implementation of scientific, comprehensive, economic, overall contracting conservation, and maintenance contractors have always been for the owners and road users to meet the contract contract road performance appraisal standards of the road Manage new model. Of course, the model is not exactly the same as the World Bank organization proposed in the 1990s, Latin America, North America, Australia and other countries widely used "road performance management model."

HCMC mode implementation of the main steps are as follows.
First, based on the investigation of large road data, the factors of road maintenance are determined, and the model of road performance decay and sensitivity factor and the model of conservation cost change are established.
Second, the conservation section of the comprehensive risk assessment before contracting, and the existing disease, the potential understanding of the depth of the disease, scientific analysis, in order to conduct a scientific basis for the general contract.
Third, comprehensive maintenance of the general contractor and the owners signed a comprehensive contract for the maintenance of general contract, which covers the contracted years, the end of the road, road maintenance performance assessment standards, maintenance costs and other key terms of payment.
Fourth, to determine the different time in the contract on the road at different locations to meet the road performance assessment standards to implement the maintenance of technical measures. The HCMC model is a model of win-win for both owners and contractors, ensuring both the owners' road performance and the rationalization of the contractor's earnings.
According to the different sources of financing funds, HCMC model can be divided into the owners of the contractor to pay the contractor and contractors to advance the two forms of maintenance funds, which is also known as BT conservation contracting model.
BT conservation general contracting model has a significant advantage in easing the pressure of conservation funds, integrating the conservation of resources and promoting new technologies, especially for the less developed regions in the west.
HCMC model technical characteristics. First, based on large road data. Second, the performance of road materials to the law of decay. Third, based on scientific testing and decision-making. Four is a reasonable road custody performance as the goal. Five is to ensure that real-time preventive maintenance.
Six is ​​the measurement of income from the measurement of output to the conservation of products.
Thus, HCMC model is a revolutionary change in the concept of conservation, the contractor's conservation profits really by the market to decide.