New asphalt fiber gravel seal car to help the capital highway construction

May 1817 Beijing northwest tricyclic overhaul project was officially launched, and plans to be completed by the end of November 2017 opened to traffic. The overhaul project length of 23.13 kilometers, the road through the Haidian, Chaoyang, Fengtai three areas, is an important city of Beijing Expressway.

As the Beijing Sanhuan bear the main traffic in Beijing, the use of local sections of the way closed transport of social traffic guidance construction. As the construction time is tight (0 to 5 per day) task heavy, the tricyclic overhaul caused the industry's attention.
As a new generation of construction machinery, Dingcheng developed asphalt fiber gravel synchronous sealing car, loading double loop asphalt sprinkler system, fiber shear sprinkler system, gravel spreading system, can be integrated asphalt, fiber shear Spreading, rubble spreading three kinds of media, can also be a separate or the corresponding combination of sprinkle (sprinkle) cloth operations.
Sponge media covers modified asphalt (rubber asphalt), matrix asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, groundbreaking to break the industry can not achieve the modified asphalt sprinkle precedent.