Municipal road construction technology specific content

Asphalt concrete road construction technology is an important form of the current municipal road construction, with a lot of construction advantages. In the actual operation process, in order to be able to effectively improve the quality of construction, we must have the specific content of the construction technology to have an accurate grasp, so as to ensure that every aspect of the construction of quality and quantity. In the asphalt concrete construction process, the specific content mainly includes the following four aspects:

(A) do the preparatory work.
The effective implementation of the preparatory work is to protect the quality of the road construction basis, in the road before we lay the road in advance to do a good job of investigation, according to the actual situation of the design of asphalt concrete road construction program, and select the appropriate asphalt ratio. In the proportion of asphalt mixture design we have to accurately grasp the mixing ratio, according to the quality of raw materials to adjust the ratio repeatedly, so that the overall performance of the mixture to optimize the state, mixed air gap rate of 3% -4% Of the ratio, so as to be able to improve the waterproofing of asphalt, minimize the prevention of road surface damage, so as to effectively ensure the quality of asphalt concrete pavement.
(B) construction is rapid.
Asphalt concrete road construction technology used in raw materials are cheap and easy access to ordinary materials, the operation of these materials is very simple, can be a one-time laying, so do the preparatory work in the early, we have to pavement To be flat and optimized, and then in accordance with a reasonable mix of ingredients with raw materials, you can directly laying, so greatly improve the efficiency of the project. At the same time in the laying of the construction process we need to strictly control the asphalt mixture temperature, to avoid repeated heat in the transport caused by the emergence of secondary pollution problems of raw materials.
(C) do a good job in addition to sewing.
Although the construction of asphalt concrete road can be a one-time laying, but in the actual construction process and can not guarantee a one-time laying molding, the road often there will be some cracks need to be post-processing, so in the construction process, we Pay attention to the inspection of the entire road supervision, carefully check where there is cracks, and promptly inform the construction staff to deal with, so as to ensure the service life of the road.
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(D) do a good job of road waterproof construction.
In the asphalt road, the water will penetrate the gap through the inside of the road, causing the road surface of the mineral material erosion, thereby reducing the adhesion of the road, so that the road life greatly reduced. In order to be able to effectively solve this problem, we in the construction process must improve the choice of materials supervision, as much as possible the selection of meticulous materials for processing, so as to avoid the material gap is too large, rough material caused by road density Up to the problem, so that you can greatly improve the density of the road to ensure that the road life.
The construction of municipal roads has a certain decisive role in the development of urban and rural economy. In recent years, with the speed of urban and rural integration in our country, the construction of municipal roads has entered a stage of rapid development. In order to effectively improve the construction of municipal roads Quality, for the majority of the people to provide excellent road traffic environment, we will be asphalt concrete road construction technology into the construction of the link, greatly promoted the development of China's road transport industry, to enhance the social benefits of municipal roads, so that the majority of the The people of the development of preferential benefits.