Multi - functional integrated maintenance vehicles on the road construction

Yantai Laoshan S208 provincial tobacco line at the junction of the mouth of the station, a group of people wearing a reflective clothing in the tense busy, they are Laishan Highway Bureau of the maintenance of technical personnel, is using an asphalt pavement multi-functional integrated maintenance vehicles, Pit dug up work. Construction workers said that the use of conservation vehicles to deal with road disease, convenient and efficient, both economic and efficient. It is reported that the efficient operation of multi-functional integrated maintenance vehicles, but the Laoshan road maintenance eighteen weapons in a microcosm of the supernatural powers, in recent years, by pay close attention to team building, focusing on strengthening the scientific and technological content of conservation equipment, improve road comprehensive management level, Road maintenance gradually from the mechanized hard construction to the direction of technology and soft landing big step forward.

Asphalt pavement can improve work efficiency by 60%
Pit excavation, heating mixing, material paving ... ... step steps step by step, orderly, not long, the last one process - rammed the vibration is also successfully completed, just open the mouth of the road, which And then re-closed, and intact as ever. It is understood that this new multi-functional asphalt pavement maintenance collection of mixing system, asphalt reserve heating system, diesel combustion system, generating units, etc., the real realization of the automatic field mixing. Mobile and flexible, easy to operate, mainly used in highway pits, cracks, cracks and other road disease treatment.
In the field construction work of the Laoshan Highway Bureau Maintenance Section Chief Zhang Jian said: "Before the pit dug can not be completed step by step, first cut the side, and then the Agency's large unit boot, long distance transport, unified backfill, not only The work efficiency is low, and the impact of traffic safety.Use this car, these steps in the field can be completed at one time, one by one digging, both convenient and efficient, can improve the efficiency of 60%.
1 fence cleaning car is equivalent to 25 people working efficiency
In order to improve the overall management level of road mechanization and maintenance, to protect the highway isolation barrier, anti-barrels, protective piles of clean, beautiful and generous, to overcome the fence manual cleaning time-consuming and inefficient problems, Laishan Highway Bureau with a video surveillance Fence cleaning car. The use of high-pressure water pump and low-pressure pump combination of the way, in different circumstances the flexibility to use independent high pressure, low pressure two sets of cleaning system, cleaning guardrail, rinse pavement, curb, sidewalks, road signs and signs.
Since there is a fence cleaning car, no longer as before as dispatched dozens of fasting workers, holding buckets, towels, brushes in the car wash. China Guardian Road, Airport Road, Aucma Avenue these fence, the past by the manual cleaning requires 10 people to work together, 1 day can only wash 2 km, and now a cleaning car 1 day can be cleaned 5 km, higher than the efficiency of manual cleaning, More effective protection of the safety of workers.