Maintenance of the milling machine

1, the first machine must be operated by professionals, and carefully read the operating manual;

2, the main part of the machine due to milling cutter, bearings, gaskets, drums, the operation process due to a long time with the road friction, the fastest consumption is this part of the regular replacement, check to better extend the machine Service life;
3, milling cutter shaft should be checked daily, if the above grinding out of the slot more than 25% of the diameter of the knife, you have to replace. In general, the life of the knife shaft is half the life of the tungsten steel cutter. From the square area, the life of the milling depth of 5mm when about 350-500 square meters. But please pay attention to, there are many factors that will affect the life of the knife shaft, so to check every day;
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maintenance of the milling machine
4, for safety reasons, before the maintenance, should first pull the engine spark plug, preferably by qualified mechanic;
5, before each operation to check the oil level, after use to clean the air filter;
6, every 4 hours after use, to grease the bearing. Hit the grease, while playing side of the rotation drum, so that grease coated in the entire bearing;
7, every time before the operation with the naked eye check the machine: all fasteners are tightened? Are there any parts of the obvious wear or cracking? Oil pipeline is intact? Check the bearings, check the cover is covered;
8, before each operation, to check the belt tightness. The new belt should be reoriented after 4 hours of operation, and the belt tension must be maintained in order to transmit the output horsepower of the engine to the cutter drum. When the tight belt is too tight, the belt will be easily worn and the bearing life will be shortened , If broken, serious wear and tear of the belt should be immediately new;
9, in general, the milling cutter is very rare, if any, usually shows the following: a: milling cutter on the irregular arrangement; b: a single milling too deep; c: the use of inappropriate milling Knife to remove different types of road; d: milling surface strength is too large;
10, each time you change the milling cutter arrangement, check the milling cutter shaft and the bearing. If the shaft appears to wear the groove, you need to replace the new, when the axis for the same time for bearings;
11, milling drum if properly maintained, usually can be used for 3 months. When checking the milling cutter or doing maintenance, check whether there is any cracks in the center axis of the milling drum, whether the sleeve hole is oval, whether there is any crack at the weld, and if there is any damage,
12, and finally, when you want to check the milling machine at the bottom of the milling machine, the reminder Note: the machine must be tilted forward, never turn back, or oil will pour into the engine cylinder