Maintenance of large-scale road maintenance machinery

Maintenance can be divided into three parts:

1, part of the daily technical maintenance, that is, the operation of the operator in the course of the machine can do a reasonable custody, routine maintenance, regular maintenance and correct operation to use, so as to extend the service life of equipment to improve the application effect;
2, the other part is the cyclical technical maintenance, that is, by the machine's own conditions and means can not solve the maintenance of the contents, such as the main parts of the damaged parts repair or repair parts, the use of a certain period of time after the overhaul and testing Adjustment, etc., it must be to the specialized manufacturers designated maintenance point, please repair professionals.
3, the last is the long-term parking of the technical maintenance, due to the paver and other machinery is not the same, especially in our Qinghai, winter is basically no parking, so also for maintenance.
Paver is a high technical content, the structure is relatively complex specialized production tools, the general operating conditions of the relatively poor operation, the use of technical personnel and professional knowledge of the quality of the larger difference. In the course of use, due to the gradual wear of the various parts of the movement and by the outside world operating conditions, the various agencies and parts will inevitably produce different degrees of natural loosening and mechanical damage, which will lead to paver power and economic change Bad, mechanical safety and reliability reduction, there will be unexpected mechanical failure, affecting the use of paver. Therefore, in order to improve the service life, reduce the occurrence of mechanical failure, should do a good job maintenance work. Therefore, the use of paver management in the lack of maintenance of this link.
The gearbox is one of the important transmission parts of the wheel loader, which is responsible for transmitting the speed and torque from the engine to the final transmission system, changing the transmission ratio between the engine and the wheel, realizing the forward and reverse gear handling of the loader, And can be achieved in the case of engine operation cut off the power transmitted to the walking device to meet the loader operation and driving needs, easy to start the engine and parking safety.