Maintenance and misunderstanding of roller maintenance

Do you really want to carry out maintenance on the roller? If the maintenance of unreasonable, it will lead to a series of mechanical failure. Here, Xiaobian on the road maintenance for the maintenance of errors for everyone to introduce.

1. New products without matching
Roller Sleeve Cylinder Liner Piston must check the size of the standard cylinder and piston block code, installed with the cylinder liner and the piston must be the same size of the two groups to ensure that the standard with the gap.
2. Cylinder gap measurement is not allowed
When measuring the provisions of the ellipse in the direction of the long axis of the gap, that is, measuring the piston skirt perpendicular to the piston pin hole measurement
3. Open fire piston
Fire directly heat the piston, the piston parts of the uneven thickness, thermal expansion and contraction of different, easy to cause deformation, such as to achieve a certain high temperature, natural cooling after the metal will be damaged and reduce wear resistance, life will be greatly reduced.
4. Shabu polished bearing
Many maintenance workers to increase the contact surface with the shaft, there are sand cloth polished bearing, because the sand hard, alloy soft, polished sand is easy to insert the alloy, the engine work to accelerate the wear of the bearing, shorten the life of the crankshaft The
5. Oil only do not change
There are many impurities in the oil used in the oil, even if the exhaust, oil pan and oil still exist in the oil.
6. Lubricants indiscriminate use
Some roller repairers install cylinder head, like to apply a layer of grease in the cylinder pad, cylinder pad not only requires strict sealing of the cylinder produced by the high temperature and high pressure gas, but also sealed cylinder head and cylinder with a certain pressure and flow rate of cooling Water and oil, coated with grease on the cylinder pad, when the cylinder head bolts tightened, part of the grease will be squeezed into the cylinder waterways and oil channels, to stay in the cylinder pad between the grease in the cylinder, high temperature and high pressure gas easily from this At the impact, damage the cylinder pad, causing leakage. In addition, grease for a long time in the high temperature will produce carbon deposition, resulting in premature aging of the cylinder pad deterioration.
7. The bolt is too tight
Preloading over the assembly caused by screws and bolts broken or threaded slip wire and so on.
8. Tire pressure is too high
Tire pressure is too high too low will affect its life, but also unfavorable safe driving.
9. Water tank "boil" sudden cold water
Sudden cold water, due to excessive temperature, will lead to cylinder head and cylinder "burst." Therefore, the use of water tanks in the discovery of "boil", should take emergency measures to ensure that the engine cooling water to cool their own.
More than nine o'clock it, that is, Xiao Bian collection of roller maintenance errors, we must learn to learn thiophene!