Maintenance and Maintenance of Mechanical Transmission System of Roller

Engineering machinery are basically carried out field operations, poor weather conditions, poor geographical environment, this will cause the work device and walking mechanism wear serious, which the mechanical lubrication work put forward higher requirements. Especially the lubrication system of the transmission system is higher.

Today, with everyone to analyze the roller mechanical transmission system maintenance methods, there is a need to friends may wish to learn about.
The mechanical transmission system of the roller includes the transmission box, gearbox, drive axle, vibration wheel reducer, vibration mechanism, and mechanical transmission roller used in the side of the transmission gear and drive chain, they need to use gear oil lubrication. For closed lubrication of the transmission mechanism, should always check the oil level and add lubricants, and regular cleaning and replacement of fresh lubricants. In the inspection, oil and refueling, should follow the following principles:
(1) Check the oil level in the transmission parts do not rotate the state to avoid oil spill and oil level detection is not accurate.
(2) before the discharge of lubricating oil, should first start the roller hot and warm lubricants, so that hot oil out quickly, the box of impurities in the dirt easier to mix out with the oil out.
(3) When the roller is changed, the engine will be stopped. When you need to work in the car, you must use the front and rear wheels with plug wood stalls.
(4) check the oil level and oil change, the roller should be placed horizontally.
(5) Before removing the oil plug, scrub the dirt on the outer surface and the surrounding surface. Before reloading the oil plug, it should be cleaned to avoid contamination of the oil.