Lay the road to clear snow and ice fighting

Since February 20, a large area of ​​snowstorm weather in the Hercynian area, continuous snowfall led to Golmud section under the jurisdiction of G109 line, tea Germany high-speed, fragrant high-speed safe travel by a greater impact. Which G109 line rubber mountain, Wang Ga show, sand Liuhe and fragrant flowers and other sections of the snow section of ice serious, part of the road there is a short pressure phenomenon.

In order to protect the normal passage of the road, Golmud section of the cadres and workers work together from top to bottom in the snow line of the first line, all Pioneers fully carry forward a not afraid of hardship, two afraid of tired, dare to tackling, the courage to sacrifice the spirit, after 7 days of continuous Fighting, high-quality to complete the jurisdiction of the highway snow task, to ensure the safety of the area within the road, at the same time, in the shortest time to lift the pressure car scene. From 21 to 27, a total of 374 people were dispatched, 88 sets of mechanical vehicles, scattered snow melting agent 115.5t, non-slip material 376.8m ³.
February 25, the total section of the leadership personally rushed to the road section of the supervision of the work of the snow, in the material reserves, teamwork, road inspection, traffic release, information submitted to the specific requirements, and entrusted cadres and workers must To stand the best of the Spring Festival, for the people to travel to provide the safest and most convenient road traffic environment.