Intelligent double drum roller

Since 1997, the first DOAN independent research and development of the road from the advent of today, DOAN has been cultivated in the field of nearly 20 years. 20 years of technical precipitation and R & D accumulation, so that DOAN roller has a leading international and proud of the degree of compaction, the third party site testing, DOAN roller road surface compaction up to 98%.

At the beginning of 2016, DOAN double drum roller to participate in the Maldives airport construction, to meet the airport construction of high strength, high efficiency, high quality and stringent requirements, but also to DOAN roller renowned overseas. STR130C-8 double drum roller is the sixth generation of DOAN products, but it inherited the DOAN fifth generation double drum roller excellent descent, and on this basis for a number of performance optimization and upgrading, so that It is in this field with foreign brands face PK in a war fame.
DOAD D-8 double drum roller by lifting the steel wheel stiffness, increase the diameter of the vibration wheel and other technical improvements, to enhance the flatness of equipment rolling. At the same time, through the optimization of the whole layout, making the front and rear wheel load distribution consistent; increase the standard speed table, the whole guide the operator to carry out the standard road surface construction operations, these details of the modification and addition, so DOAND-8 double Roller in the construction of the flatness increased by 20% or more.
In addition, in the Internet + era, customers can also DOAN D-8 double drum roller matching "intelligent compaction management system." Through the equipment on the high-precision GPS, the construction of real-time information transmission to the customer's PC side, the information, including excitation frequency, amplitude, compaction track, temperature, times, so that customers stay at home, master construction Progress and quality.
DOAN roller using the world's first-line brand engine and hydraulic system, vibration wheel experienced 2000 hours limit test, greatly enhance the reliability of the equipment and service life. At the same time DOAN roller exclusive distribution sprinkler system, if a sprinkler system in the construction of a failure, standby system immediately start, do not delay the construction progress, does not affect the construction quality.