Intelligent asphalt cold regeneration machine

Companies in the development of "horizontal cold regeneration machine" on the basis of improved research and development of new products, "local cold regeneration." Each new product research and development, trial production, production will face some difficulties and challenges, "local cold regeneration" is more difficult, which in the installation of four brackets when the support frame setbacks, one design drawings size display lining The outer diameter and the frame hole of the assembly relationship for the transition with the hot and pressure can not be achieved; the second is in the "horizontal cold regeneration" guide column installed from the bottom up to install, not easy to align, It is quite difficult to install when the gap is fit. In response to this situation, the technical department of the technical staff brainstorming to develop a detailed research program. First, to ensure that the sleeve and the guide column when the installation of a slight gap, the shaft and the hole is reliable on the smooth installation of gravity, and secondly, the installation of cold assembly process, with dry ice to shrink the shape of a large gap, so as to achieve the installation effect The After accurate calculation, the final cooling temperature is about -75 ° C, the cooling time is about 1 hour.

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intelligent asphalt cold regeneration machine

Cold items that night, the factory lights. Nearly three days of preparation, size measurement is correct, parts clean up in place, including the company's technical staff, assembly workshop workers, including more than 20 people have to witness this important cold process. Workers and craftsmen brought in advance to prepare a large wooden box, first to be cooled eight bush into them, the operator wear cotton gloves with a shovel will buy the dry ice evenly down in the eight parts, with infrared temperature Time to detect the temperature, to determine each bushing can be evenly cooled, covered with cotton cloth to protect the temperature will not be lost.
Everyone with an uneasy feeling anxiously waiting, looking forward to the heart of words. 1 hour finally arrived, the workers and teachers who use the tool to remove the bushing, the rapid placement of the guide column, when many people come up with a mobile phone to record this exciting moment, just listen to "bang" is heard, eight A bushing in turn "throw" into the frame hole, everyone hanging the heart finally fell to the ground. After a random interview with a few workers who the feelings of the master, they all feel very successful, very smooth, to their work to bring great convenience. And the development of the staff also joke that the installation is too fast, not ready to install the bushing into the cold success is the development of enterprise technology progress, but also the first case of Senyuan history.
The success of the cold process has broken through the limitations of the previous process methods to solve the problem of the transition between the larger pieces of the problem, the cold process in the quality of the guarantee at the same time greatly improve the efficiency of this process will also be widely applied to the future Of the production, played a quality improvement effect.