Intelligent Compaction Technology Overview

Intelligent compaction (IC) refers to an improved compaction process using rollers equipped with an integrated measurement system that consists of a highly accurate GPS, accelerometers, onboard computer reporting system, and infrared thermometers for HMA/WMA feedback control. By integrating measurement, documentation, and control systems, the use of IC rollers allows for real-time monitoring and corrections in the compaction process. IC rollers also maintain a continuous record of color-coded plots that indicate the number of roller passes, compaction level, temperature measurements (for HMA/WMA applications), and the precise location of the roller drum. 

Equipment Exhibition
intelligent compaction euqipment supplier
The capability of IC technology to improve the compaction process for roadway construction is well documented from projects in Europe, Asia, and the United States. The most significant improvement is in the decrease in variability of measured properties. The more uniform material properties obtained by the IC technology help ensure higher quality pavements that provide the desired performance and intended service life.