Improvement of Control System for Synchronous Gravel Seal Car

My company previously produced DA-type synchronous gravel seal car, gravel coverage by manual adjustment of the height of the door to control. Before the operation, the operator must first adjust the material to a certain initial height according to the construction requirements. In the subsequent operation process, if the gravel coverage rate is abnormal, need to manually adjust the height of the door again.

According to the user to reflect that this synchronous gravel seal car there are the following points: First, vehicle intelligence is low, gravel coverage rate changes with the speed change; Second, the gate hydraulic cylinder for a long time force The door landing their own landing, causing gravel coverage changes; third is the gravel specifications change, the gravel coverage will be affected.
In view of the above problems, we decided to improve the type of synchronous gravel seal car control system. The general idea is as follows: the use of control circuit on the door lift for intelligent control, to control the gravel coverage, in order to achieve gravel coverage does not change with the speed changes; according to the operator in the display set the gravel coverage and Gravel particle size, the controller can control a reasonable height and speed of the door.
The improved synchronous gravel seal car control device is mainly composed of the left spider angle displacement sensor, right dispenser angle displacement sensor, radar, DH128 display, TTC200 controller, left material gate lift solenoid valve, left material door drop solenoid valve , Right material door lift solenoid valve, right door down the solenoid valve and other components.
multifunction highway synchronous gravel seal car
Improved asphalt sprinkler gravel distribution electronic control system structure shown in Figure 2. The pins of the controller are as follows: Pin 152, 153 provides 5V power for left and right angular displacement sensors, pins 124, 125 are left and right angular displacement sensors ground, pins 139, 140 are signals for left and right angular displacement sensors Input terminal, pin 243 for the radar signal input. The display pin functions as follows: Pin XM3 is connected to controller pin 223, pin XM4 is connected to controller pin 224, and pin XM2 is grounded. The controller 115 pin outputs a 24V voltage to provide power to the display and radar.
Improved after the combination of gravel seal gravel cloth rubbing electrical control principle is as follows: sprinkler on the gate lift cylinder in the open gate while driving the bearing rotation, angular displacement sensor with the bearing rotation; angular displacement sensor to collect the angle signal The reference signal is input to the controller through the pin 243, the controller through the pin 223 will be the height of the material gate and the vehicle speed Signal is output to the display, the display shows the height of the door and the actual speed; the operator in the display input gravel demand and gravel particle size, the controller according to speed, gravel demand, gravel particle size, etc. calculated Theoretical height of the material, through the PID adjustment can make the actual material gate height and theoretical material height consistent. If the actual gravel demand is not the same as the envisaged, the operator can revise the gravel particle size by modifying it.
According to the above scheme, the improvement of the DA-type synchronous gravel seal car can make the actual gate height coincide with the theoretical material gate, and the gravel coverage rate will not change with the speed of the vehicle, the size of the gravel and the position of the hopper, Greatly improving the intelligent level of synchronous gravel seal car.