Hydraulic retractable asphalt paver

DOAN SRP90S PLUS multi-function paver, with nine major technical advantages to energy saving and humane for the upgrade concept, with excellent control accuracy, handling performance and low-speed paving stability, can be used for all levels of roads, municipal roads and other subgrade And pavement paving construction, is ideal for paving asphalt layer and water stabilization.

Advantages of a: dynamic power system
SRP90S PLUS matching Deutz BF6M1013-22T3R turbocharged diesel engine, the country Ⅲ emissions, with a strong power, reliable and durable, strong adaptability of oil and so on. On the diesel SC9DK220.1G3 turbocharged diesel engine, the country Ⅲ emissions, with high efficiency and stability, strong power, high fuel economy, easy maintenance and so on.
Advantage II: walking system
Independent of the left and right microcomputer control hydraulic system, with good low-speed stability and driving the linearity. Using the domestic famous brand four rounds, extended track, independent drive. The original imported walking reducer, high reliability, drive torque, uniform speed, to ensure the smoothness of the paving and uniform density.
Advantages three: control system
Based on imported EPEC controller, developed a new generation of DOAN paver intelligent operation management system, paving speed constant speed automatic control, travel paving speed free switch, with automatic fault diagnosis function, the implementation of vehicle monitoring. The use of microcomputer high-precision intelligent leveling system, the configuration of cross-slope, vertical slope of the electronic automatic translation of the proposed, with high leveling accuracy, anti-jamming performance and so on. Using high-brightness color LCD display, ergonomic imported joystick, with high reliability and handling. Control panel layout is clear, all component switches are arranged according to functional logic, easy to operate, with a good human-computer interaction interface.
Advantage of four: screed
SRP90S PLUS series paver equipped with hydraulic telescopic heating screed, single vibrator, frequency stepless adjustable. Multi-spool structure to enhance the overall rigidity of the screed high, large wear-resistant floor, the work of good stability, high quality of operation.
Advantages of five: lose the material system
Using four sets of independent hydraulic drive around the left and right, sub-feeding system, material level using ultrasonic sensor control technology to ensure that the proportion of uniform supply. Large diameter, large pitch spiral material structure, material capacity, low-speed material, small separation. Left and right spiral feeder can be driven separately, the sub-device from the ground height adjustable to meet the needs of different thickness of the paving.
Advantage 8: safety, environmental protection, energy saving
Advanced and reliable engine, low noise, less emissions, in line with the national stage Ⅲ emission standards environmental protection and energy conservation.