How to development to the enterprise of concrete laser leveling machine

The global economic downturn, coupled with a series of anti-dumping policy abroad, Chinese enterprises "going out" the road is very bumpy.On the other hand, along with the advancement of "area" strategy, China's enterprises to enter the international market increasingly rich opportunities, but the risk still can not be ignored.As the saying goes, "as long as the thought not landslide, way better than more difficult", to the nuggets overseas concrete laser leveling machine enterprise, if can master certain strategy, also can do are flawed.

Enter the "new normal" as the economy, the "area" and "going out" strategy, under the stimulus of many domestic enterprises are inadvertently put focus to export markets.However, on the concrete of export power laser leveling machine, increasingly fierce competition, making money is more and more difficult.In the increasingly fierce competition, in 2016, concrete laser leveling machine to do export enterprise, must always focus on the following aspects: one is the high-profile RMB exchange rate;Second, the foreign market access threshold is increasing day by day.For laser leveling machine type concrete enterprise, want to occupy more market share, it must meet these strict market access conditions;3 it is as much as possible to get rid of the vicious price competition, gather the target market, exert their own advantages, to achieve faster development.In addition, the enterprise not only to earn "quick", only after the market test, to achieve a more long-term development.
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Find their own short board, play their own advantages
At present, in the "area" strategy and the direction of series of positive policy, under the stimulus of export market development prospect is very good.2016, concrete laser leveling machine enterprise need according to the actual development of the enterprise at this stage, constantly adjust their development strategies, more suitable for their own emerging export market.But many concrete laser leveling machine company in expanding export channels when faced with sales talent shortage, sales method is not mature, unstable product quality, product price is not high, the service system not perfect and not agile response to market, for the export market wants to do good business, to find their own short board, play their own advantages, to gain a foothold in the competition.
Rich product line, strictly the quality pass
Although at this stage to expand overseas market more competitive, but as long as the method is right, can still do export market.Relative to the domestic market, export market for the product quality request is higher, has a high barriers to entry.Concrete laser leveling machine enterprises-Shanghai Doan Machinery must attaches great importance to product quality, efforts to promote brand awareness and market reputation.After in export, still insist on constantly enrich product line, strictly control product quality, and cultivate more professional business team, to gradually improve export proportion in the total sales, make good products go abroad, towards the world.
Concrete laser leveling/screed machine(DAJP-13 and DAJP-20) export markets has opportunities and challenges coexist, concrete laser leveling machine enterprises in dealing with the fierce market changes, to continue improvement internally, in addition to getting the product, unceasingly perfect service mechanism, seize every opportunity, can rapid development.