Highway maintenance equipment

Automobile and engineering machinery products(DAW25-K42,DAW12-K43,DAW12-K42X) need to be used in the maintenance process, it is well known the truth, and the process of road construction, road-building and also the need for maintenance, construction and light weight former maintenance times will soon be over, and try to build support should no longer only on paper, to be implemented. This is not only experience the world's advanced countries, but also the inevitable trend of China's road construction and maintenance in development. Under the construction and maintenance of both trends, maintenance equipment to be optimistic about the prospects, the future will release more demand.

1.Abandon the drawbacks, to achieve both construction and maintenance
In the past, governments at all levels in the process of building the road, often performance considerations and other factors, will be more energy to focus on road construction, road maintenance to the neglect of the process, this unhealthy pattern, produced many drawbacks , few people built highway conservation or conservation of insufficient investment, accelerate the damage and destruction of the new road, to throw the exception of some roads in the road construction process of corruption aside, even better materials, road construction process was fine, Kangbu Zhu disrepair. And during the second five, China is also the peak just facing periodic road maintenance, while by 2015, China's road network with a total mileage will reach 4.5 million kilometers; highway mileage will reach 108,000 km. Immediate attention to road maintenance and the pressure is huge.
In recent years the course of highway construction, both in the construction and maintenance has been greatly improved on, look to the future, not back the wheel of development, construction and maintenance of both will eventually be implemented.
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2.Learn from each other, to learn experience of other countries
It is understood that the United States as the representative of some developed countries, attaches great importance to road maintenance, and have achieved some experience and achievements, it is worth learning from. Preventive Maintenance Symposium on December 7 the just-concluded National Highway, US Highway experts and Chinese experts gathered in a road, research and discussion about the preventive maintenance. This is undoubtedly the country's road maintenance played a positive role in promoting.
Some domestic companies have already seen this trend has been the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology, the concept of up and down a lot of effort, Shanghai Doan Machinery. is a model in this regard, the first US company VSS slurry seal / micro-surfacing construction equipment(DAW12-K42,DAW12-K43), modified emulsified asphalt equipment, asphalt equipment, rubber asphalt equipment; US Xin Mulai (Cimline) company irrigation sewing machine, slot machines and its US Appadurai (Dura) gunning machine; US Best open (bearCat) gravel spreader's smart, intelligent asphalt / rubber asphalt distributor; US (Superior Broom) super super sweeper sweeper manufacturing company known brands such as road machinery products into China.
3.Optimism, optimistic maintenance machinery
As for road maintenance road protection emphasis deepening, the outlook is optimistic about the road maintenance equipment(DAF16-K25), increase the number of production enterprises in the development and maintenance equipment investment, in order to be able to achieve good results in the foreseeable broad market. Some analysts said the recent construction machinery industry's current investment in three main directions: industry leaders, key components and stock-related companies and highway maintenance equipment business. Prospects highway maintenance equipment is evident. By 2015 the country will appear one hundred billion road maintenance equipment market, just up the road and other enterprises developed rapidly, has good market prospects, the booming road maintenance equipment market, it will likely become the Shanghai Doan machinery other leading under a corporate profit growth.
Worthy of note is that the user when choosing a high maintenance equipment, still prefer foreign brands, domestic companies need high-end R & D efforts in product maintenance equipment.