High performance asphalt sprinkler maintenance

Asphalt sprinkler for the construction of high-grade highway asphalt pavement through the layer of oil, waterproof layer, the adhesive layer of the cloth. Can also be used to implement the layered paving process of county, township highway oil road construction. It consists of automobile chassis, asphalt tank, asphalt pumping and spraying system, conducting oil heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system, control system, pneumatic system and operating platform. Know how to properly operate the maintenance of asphalt sprinkler, not only to extend the service life of the equipment, but also to ensure the smooth progress of the construction of the project.

So the asphalt sprinkler work should pay attention to what the problem? Hubei Cheng Li Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. technical staff for your Weapon: Before use, please check the valve position is accurate, do the work before the preparatory work. Start the asphalt sprinkler after the motor, check the four thermal oil valve, barometer, all normal start the engine, take the power to start work. Try to asphalt pump, cycle 5 minutes, pump head shell, hot, then slowly turn off the heat transfer valve. Insufficient heating, there will be a pump does not turn or noise phenomenon, you need to open the valve to continue to heat the asphalt pump, until it can run normally.
Work process, the asphalt solution must ensure that the working temperature of 160 ~ 180 ℃, and can not be filled too full (into the asphalt liquid process attention to observe the level of the pointer, and at any time and see the tank). Asphalt liquid into the filling irrigation must be closed, so as not to transport asphalt during the overflow. The use of the possibility of asphalt can not be pumped into the situation, then check the asphalt suction pipe interface is leak. When the asphalt pump and pipe are solidified asphalt jam, you can use the torch baking, do not force the pump. Bake should be careful to avoid direct baking ball valves and rubber parts.
When spraying asphalt, the car keeps running at low speed. Do not step on the throttle, otherwise it may lead to clutch, asphalt pump and other components damage. If the 6m wide asphalt sprinkler, we should always pay attention to both sides of the obstacles to prevent collisions with the sprinkler tube. At the same time, asphalt should remain in a large cycle until the end of the work.
Every day the work is completed, if the remaining asphalt must be returned to the asphalt pool, or solidification in the tank the next can not work. In addition, the emulsifier also have to pay attention to the daily maintenance:
1, emulsifiers and pumps and other motors, mixers, valves should be carried out daily maintenance.
2, after the end of work every day, should be cleaned emulsifier.
3, for the control of the flow rate of the pump should be regularly detected its accuracy, and timely adjustment and maintenance. Asphalt emulsifier should regularly check the stator and rotor with the gap, when the machine can not meet the minimum clearance should be considered when replacing the stator and rotor.
4, equipment, long-term disabled, should be empty and the pipeline in the liquid (emulsifier solution should not be a long time storage), each hole to cover tight, keep clean, the operation of parts filling lubricating oil. For the first time you use and prolonged deactivation, you should remove the rust in the tank and re-enable the water filter.
5, regularly check the electronic control cabinet in the terminal is loose, whether the wear and tear when the wire, to eliminate dust, to avoid damage to the parts. Frequency converter for precision instruments, the specific use of maintenance, please refer to the instructions.
6, emulsifier water solution stir tank with a thermal oil coil, into the water tank into the cold water should first turn off the heat transfer oil switch, add the required amount of water and then open the switch heating. Directly pouring cold water into the high temperature conducting oil pipe is easy to crack the weld.
Note that the above mentioned operation and maintenance details, I believe your asphalt sprinkler use and must be smooth, and longevity.