High-performance Binding Agent Spreader

Xi'an Da Gang Pavement Machinery Co., Ltd. ("Da Gang Road Machine") is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the development, design, production, sales and technical service of highway and road machinery. In the field of construction, road maintenance machinery, road new materials, especially asphalt equipment development, Da Gang Road from the formation of asphalt heating, storage and transportation, deep processing to the asphalt pavement of the cover, asphalt pavement maintenance 11 large series of 50 Other types of road maintenance machinery products cluster.

Among them, the performance is extremely stable and reliable machine developed by the FS2500 powder cloth, like the dragon spectrum in the weapons spectrum, like "stable" is known. The equipment is mainly used for the rapid cooling of the road when the construction of cement distribution, at the same time for the roadbed stability of a variety of adhesive spread and other occasions, such as powder spread, such as cement, slag, lime powder, Can replace the artificial spreading, to avoid dust pollution, more energy saving and environmental protection, can effectively solve the problem of uniformity of cement spreading, but also can greatly improve the accuracy of cement measurement, greatly improving the construction quality.
Over the years, Da Gang Road, the technological innovation to lead the road construction equipment and system technology development direction for the user to solve the road construction process of many problems, to provide high efficiency, low input, high-quality road construction technology and solutions.
Equipment Exhibition
pavement binding agent spreader
Quality leader to win the trust
As early as 2012, Da Gang Road has been independently developed a set of 24 patents in China's first all-intelligent powder spreader, and now after a lot of construction applications and continuous improvement, the product's performance far Beyond the domestic and foreign manufacturers of similar products.
Since the listing, Da Gang Road powder powder spreader has been stable, reliable, efficient, accurate, advanced and other characteristics by domestic and foreign users of all ages, not only in Guizhou, Shaanxi, Gansu, Henan, Shandong, Anhui and other places Road maintenance construction to show their skills, but also exported to Ethiopia, Fiji and other countries to participate in overseas construction, has won widespread recognition of global users. In the "one way along the" background, as the world's leading new road construction technology enterprises, with the world's leading technology advantages, I believe that in the future there will be more Da Gang Road equipment in overseas engineering construction in the exhibition posture!
High quality to create high efficiency
In today's project construction, with the rising cost of manpower, efficient machine construction has been more and more welcomed by the industry. In general, in the current use of cold regeneration process construction, if the use of manual construction, about 20 people or so, not only labor intensity, dust pollution, spread uniformity and accuracy are not met, and because Construction half of the traffic open, construction workers at any time there are security risks, resulting in low construction efficiency, high cost of material and other adverse effects.
The construction process can achieve single operation, fast and convenient, the construction efficiency is three times the artificial, not only to protect the construction of high standards of precision, but also for users to save a lot of material costs, to further speed up the construction Progress, can be described as a road maintenance construction of a good player!