High intelligent paver evaluation

20 years of maintenance experience, not only DOAN on the existing paver less clear, but also to the user's needs to be more accurate. For the user speaking, the control system can not be the most avant-garde, shape can not be the most dazzling, but the reliability must be strong, cost-effective must be high, dry must come smoothly, maintenance must be convenient. DA66-13-type paver to be recognized and respected market, I am afraid it is also fit with the needs of users.

In the construction machinery industry, the sale and excellent repair, repair and excellent sales of the enterprise is not unusual, but the repair and excellent manufacturing enterprises are rare. In the field of road machinery, Beijing DOAN Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. is a repair and excellent is a typical representative.
DOAN was known throughout the country to manufacture paver in 2003 before being engaged in the import of paver repair business. From the beginning of the unknown, the development of today in the field of road machinery manufacturing considerable size, high quality products essential. This time, Xiaobian with a taste of your Beijing Tianshun fist products DA66-13 type paver style.
"Land" configuration
At first glance see DA66-13 type paver, gives the feeling is not eye-catching. Body with a typical engineering yellow as the main colors, screed, screw conveyor, scraper and other devices auxiliary color with black gold black, with medium-sized rectangular shape it is not too. Carefully look at the core configuration of the device, as if a kind of "local tyrants" feeling. Engine selection of imported diesel engine, the maximum power of 190 ~ 200kW, even in the paving width of 12m state of operation, but also people think that weightlifting. Electronic control system selection Bosch Rexroth products, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors using Bosch Rexroth, Saao and other well-known brand products, transfer case, scraper reducer, screw conveyor reducer is standard Germany and the British Bregie Peyonne. Leveling device, level sensor and other parts directly affect the quality of paving, it is not vague, all selected from the German maba products. Hydraulic tubing, engine radiator is from Parker, AKG and other doors.
Practical is king
For the paver users, these "local tyrants" configuration probably can not really attract them, they often think that practical is king. Practical to say simple, it is not easy. Even the well-known brands of foreign paver, there are shortcomings in the use of performance. DOAN designed DA66-13 type paver, absorbing some of the technical advantages of imported paver, while the import paver in the use and maintenance found in the improvement and improvement.
advanced paver
Many imported brand paver, often the engine radiator and hydraulic oil radiator arranged in the hopper front. This arrangement because the radiator from the hot asphalt material is very close and poor ventilation, easy to cause poor engine and hydraulic system cooling. At the same time as the hopper is too short, too long material often engine duct damage. In order to solve these problems, the designer placed the DA66-13 paver radiator on the side of the paver while increasing the paver hopper. In addition, the design staff will DA66-13 type paver track chain lengthened 2, and in the front of the paver to add additional counterweight, while increasing the paver traction, while increasing the equipment walking and operations The stability of the.
The uniformity of the fabric of the screw feeder directly affects the paving quality. In order to improve the uniformity of the spiral feeder, the DA66-13 type paver improved the design of the spiral feeder channel and used a piecewise variable screwdriver blade. Inner helix fabric blade diameter of 480mm, the middle spiral fabric blade diameter of 420mm, both sides of the spiral fabric blade diameter 360mm. Through the above improvements, making the mixture delivery uniformity has been effectively improved.
When the paver is operated, the ideal condition is that the material level in the screw feeder is stable and the screw feeder and the scraper conveyor are continuously and stably operated. For the use of quantitative gear pump as a scraper pump in terms of most of the paver, this is difficult to achieve. In order to truly realize the continuous operation of the screw feeder and the scraper conveyor, the DA66-13 type paver replaces the scraper pump from the original quantitative gear pump to the variable piston pump. This improvement is not a great idea, at least in the current field of paver or rarely seen.
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