High efficiency simultaneous gravel sealing technology

Over the past decade, China has gradually introduced from abroad "a series of conservation technology: synchronous gravel sealing technology, fog seal technology, micro-surface technology, renewable technology, all these, in promoting China's conservation technology and Machinery and moving forward at the same time, users and industry experts are also discussing and thinking: in the Chinese road maintenance market is about to usher in the peak of the occasion, China's future conservation process, conservation machinery will tend to where? What kind of maintenance technology and maintenance equipment will occupy the mainstream industry status? Next, the China Road Machinery Network with a list of China's road industry, some of the main conservation process and construction process.Process principle: synchronous gravel seal is the asphalt binder spray and aggregate spread for the synchronization, so that the asphalt binder and aggregate between the most adequate surface contact and the best adhesion.

Process Overview: As the simultaneous gravel seal will be the adhesive spray and gravel spreading two processes together in a car at the same time to complete, you can make gravel particles and immediately spray the flow of good 120 ~ 140 ℃ Hot asphalt or emulsified asphalt, and is deeply embedded in the binder, so the synchronous gravel seal technology has the following characteristics: good water resistance; good adhesion and slip resistance; good wear resistance And durability; good economy (synchronous gravel seal can be used as a low-grade highway transition road to ease the problem of temporary shortage of highway construction); synchronous gravel seal construction process is simple, fast construction, timely Speed ​​limit open traffic supporting the use of equipment: synchronous gravel seal car, loaders, tire roller, asphalt transport vehicles, sprinkler, road dust removal equipment and small milling machine.Construction of raw materials: ordinary asphalt, aggregate (granite, basalt, limestone, etc.) and so on.
Construction process: in a section of the road surface test layer, and according to its effect on the operating parameters to adjust until the desired effect, and then long-distance continuous construction. Then the tire roller was immediately rolled for 3-4 times. If the use of natural driving rolling, the passage of vehicles must be speed limit. When the cover is applied, the other can open the traffic. To do a good job of the separation of the gap between the processing of the seams: the first section of the cover when the length of 10-15cm without the release of gravel, until the second seal along the edge of the asphalt when the synchronization of rubble spread. 1h (or 2h) after the cover can open the traffic, but the need for traffic speed limit (≤ 40km / h can)