Hand-held asphalt small roller

In recent years, with the gradual increase in national highway construction, to extend the service life of the highway is also a must for a serious work, the state for the construction of a new road, the cost of human and material resources is very large, road maintenance can be timely repair, To extend the service life is essential, so the small-scale bypass road by the road maintenance department of all ages.

Recalling the domestic road construction machinery is a late start, relatively young industry. Although a few years with the development of science and technology engineering machinery and compaction machinery has been strong development, but foreign enterprises as early as the 20th century, 50, 60 years has already begun, but in the early 60s of the late 1970s, nearly 20 years, the development rate is very slow , When foreign manufacturers to develop the compaction machinery is mainly two rounds, three rounds of rolling equipment for the construction of low-grade highways (including gravel pavement) and conservation of small machines, of which the process of the road is relatively slow.
China's construction machinery and equipment in the true sense of the development from the late 1980s began molding. Nowadays, over 30 years of development, China's construction machinery and equipment has become an important part of China's construction, with the expansion of China's free trade, more foreign companies began to introduce made in China. From the previous production analysis, several major models of construction machinery annual output than the early 80s of the 20th century has been turned several times, such as frame leveling machine equipment has reached more than 10,000 annual output, milling machine about 30000, Small roller about 13,000 units, hydraulic milling machine about 8,000 units.
China's compacted machinery development process is very long, from the mid-20th century before and after the imitation of the entire industry, in order to achieve the first reform from scratch, the late 80's domestic introduction of road roller technology, creating a Chinese hydraulic Vibration transmission roller precedent, after nearly 10 years of development not only in the product line and variety has been improved to a large extent, to protect the product performance and reliability. The following for everyone to analyze the next small-scale bypass-type road roller why the road maintenance department by the Qing.
①, because the traditional old-style roller body and the equipment is very bulky, resulting in some small areas can not play a normal role and the effect of rolling.
②, small roller using a new design concept in a small area can be a strong force to play rolling effect, and the effect is obvious.
③, small roller compared to large-scale roller in the transport, handling, driving, operation and other processes are relatively more than the road roller more convenient.
④, the current domestic road maintenance operations mainly rely on manpower, and the emergence of small roller equipment, played a convenient construction personnel operation, and to a large extent, saving manpower and resources.
⑤, the road perennial suffered from the erosion and weather of natural forces such as: heavy rain, sand, sun, flood, snow and wheel wear and shock. These large or small damage and wear, in front of a small roller machine appears to spare no effort in the use of small rollers in a timely manner, simple, fast repair narrow areas, thus extending the service life of the road, played a pivotal importance.