Ground trowel

The trowel is also known as a light receiver, and its main structure is a gasoline engine driven spatula rotor, in the middle of the rotor on the bottom of the cross with a spatula. The direction of the spatula is the same as that of the rotor, and the trigger is rotated by the gasoline engine. Operation, the first hit the fire, hold the joystick, the two forward together is to move forward, with the pull back is moving back. An average of 100 to 300m2 per hour, compared with artificial wiping can improve work efficiency more than 30 times.

Equipment Exhibition

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Concrete ground trowel
1, start the trowel, handle the handle
2, grip the joystick, so that the body to maintain balance
3, trowel machine work, we must help stabilize the wiping machine, in the floor on the time to adjust the direction of operation, so that the machine lost control
4, the first rough grinding, after grinding fine. After the bottom of the grinding mill, such as ground
Suitable for grinding to remove the disc, with a spatula fine grinding
It is a concrete surface rough, fine trowel machine. The surface of the machine is more smooth and smoother than the surface of the artificial construction. It can greatly improve the compactness and wear resistance of the concrete surface, and improve the working efficiency by more than 10 times more than the efficiency. Ground trowels can be widely used in high standard plant, warehouse, parking lot, square, airport and frame building concrete surface of the pulp, smoothing, wiping. Is the preferred tool for concrete construction.