Germany intelligent cold milling machine supplier

Said DA-11 interesting, it is because of its main parts of the system is very particular about it is not a well-known brand of simple piles, but the advantages of the accessories can play in place, such as DA-11 milling wheel drive using the Italian SAI Low-speed high-torque motor, and the selection of the German Linde variable pump, walking system using the United States Saou - Danfoss variable pump and 2 block motor, the United States Fairfield walking reducer, equipped with solid tires and Sweden Bucher four valves, and Feeding system uses the Swedish Bucher variable pump, control valve group has chosen the United States Parker motor. In addition, the DA-11 can be equipped with Kennametal's fast tool changer system, 1m milling width, milling depth can reach 250mm, milling depth and milling efficiency have a certain advantage, and optional special asphalt milling cutter Head or cement milling head.
Reporter micro-comment: DOAN always in the development of new products to find their own position, regardless of the beginning of specialized, but the package will not be vague, experience can be slowly accumulated, so DOAN mechanical design concept, you can always find Boutique, perhaps now DA85 and DA-11 has not been able to carry the domestic paver or milling machine beam, but the future DOAN may have models can provoke this mission.
Experts micro-evaluation: DOAN products has always been to use selected components sophisticated, work solid, durable features in the South market enjoyed a high reputation. From the design of the paver, milling machine design, especially for small and medium-sized city roads and remote mountain road construction. Although DOAN is not the first involved in asphalt pavement construction machinery company, but I believe that the product with the strength of DOAN, users will become an affordable choice.