Geothermal regeneration technology

Process principle: Asphalt pavement on-site thermal regeneration technology, is through the advanced local thermal regeneration unit, in situ heating softening the old asphalt pavement, rafting, collecting old materials, adding the appropriate new asphalt mixture and regeneration agent, after the field of heat Mixing, paving, ironing, rolling molding, can quickly open the traffic, a set of continuous maintenance of asphalt pavement construction technology. This construction scheme can be used when the surface layer of the asphalt pavement has cracks, rutts, pits, pan oil, wear and other diseases or road performance degradation, the damage to the pavement structure has not spread to the grassroots level.

Process Overview: According to the characteristics of the regeneration of the road surface and construction program design requirements, usually used in the local thermal regeneration technology program has three kinds: plastic, complex, resurfacing.
Plastic geothermal regeneration: generally applicable to the maintenance of rutting, hemp, loose, broken and broken and other common road disease. Through the use of in situ heat regeneration unit will be heated, add renewable agent, tipping, in the hot pavement directly paving a very small amount of new asphalt mixture, and finally the new and old asphalt mixture compacted. Recycling on-site thermal regeneration: suitable for the maintenance of moderate damage to the road, and to improve the original road material gradation inappropriate situation. Through the use of in situ heat regeneration unit will be heated, add renewable agent, loose, collect old materials, add new asphalt mixture, re-mix, paving, compaction molding.
Re-localized thermal regeneration: suitable for regeneration of serious damage or lack of carrying capacity of the road, as well as the old road upgrade project. Through the use of in situ thermal regeneration unit will be heated, add renewable agent, tipping, mixing, paving, and then the new asphalt mixture directly on the regeneration of the mixture above the two layers of a compact molding. Equipment used in the system: the local thermal regeneration unit (by two heating machine, a heating milling machine and a heating compound machine), paver, double drum roller, tire roller and so on.
Construction of raw materials: renewable agents.
Construction process: first by the two heating milling machine on the road full heating, followed by a milling machine on the road before the pre-set a good 5 cm milling, and milling down the old asphalt material is no longer To the past as discarded, but to collect it into the heating compound machine, add a certain percentage of renewable agent and 10% of the new asphalt material (the proportion of different highway conditions are different), after the complex The asphalt mixture is added to the subsequent paver for paving, and finally by the two double drum roller and a tire roller on the road rolling to ensure the stability of the road, dense and smooth.