Future and Technical Trend of Highway Maintenance

In China's economic development into a new normal period, all walks of life are in the adjustment of development planning, optimize the industrial layout, innovation and development model to adapt to the new normal, leading the new normal. Relevant experts predict that the "13th Five-Year" period, China's road construction will enter the end, the maintenance workload will gradually increase, and in the "four four" period to achieve balance - which indicates that China's road maintenance business ushered in the development of the spring The

The new normal requires us to reform and innovate. In the case of road maintenance, there are still some problems such as lack of funds, lack of funds, lack of talents, inefficient management and backwardness of technology. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate system protection in line with the requirements of reform, formulate conservation planning in line with road development, Model, innovation and conservation technology, as we are currently the most important work. January 15 to 16 held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, "National Highway Maintenance Technology Academic Annual Meeting", experts and scholars on the new situation under the conservation and management of the situation facing the challenges and improve scientific and technological progress on the role of road maintenance development , To promote the road to protect the concept of environmental protection for public travel and economic and social development to create smooth, clean, green and beautiful road traffic environment and other topics, carried out in-depth discussion and forecast, which involves the prospects of conservation, conservation planning and decision-making technology, Asphalt pavement preventive maintenance technology, waste materials recycling and bridge and tunnel maintenance management and other issues, these are the focus of industry attention and difficulties. This article highlights the wonderful view, on the one hand reflects the development of road maintenance research and achievements in China, on the other hand for the industry to provide useful tips and learn from.