Efficient construction of paver roller

May 31, 2017, Leshan City, Sichuan Province, Leshan Avenue site ushered in a new set of construction strength - DANAN Paver, DOAN full hydraulic single drum roller and DOAN full hydraulic tire roller. Lesha Avenue full length of 20.8 km, the use of a highway technical standards, the design speed of 60 km / h, subgrade width of 32-40 meters.

With excellent paving technology, with uniform, high flatness of the paving effect, access to a high degree of customer recognition. The paver has a load sensing ratio control sub-technology, effectively reduce the segregation, a substantial increase in paving uniformity; has a unique four closed-loop control technology, can be highly efficient and stable paving; with double vibration with vibration high-density ironing device , Paving flatness high.
After the water is stabilized, the compaction process is carried out by DOAN full hydraulic single drum roller and DOAN tire roller. The working quality of the two vehicles is 26 tons and 30 tons respectively, all of which are large tonnage rollers, the compaction efficiency is high and the construction efficiency is guaranteed While ensuring high pressure; are also full hydraulic products, without clutch shift, easy to operate and comfortable, while reducing the impact of the impact of the face to ensure high flatness.
Duration, DOAN paver and roller has been construction for 4 months, working for more than 800 hours, with continuous high-quality construction of the customer, the Commissioner and other parties recognized. During the Leshan Daily, Leshan News Network and other media on DOAN paver and roller construction special reports. The customer said, "DOAN paver and roller is stable and reliable, the construction effect is good, the local dealer for us to provide good service and accessories protection, our project is progressing smoothly, is expected in September 2017 to be completed and opened."