Economic and Social Benefits of Slurry Seal

1. Slurry seal layer has a good economic benefits, proved to use the slurry seal as a rural road maintenance and repair costs, 20 times less than the use of maintenance costs in the reconstruction of about 60% lower than once every 10 years The cost is about 50% lower, and the road performance is much better.

2. Reduce environmental pollution and improve the construction conditions, the slurry seal construction from the material, ratio, mixing, paving from beginning to end, always operating at room temperature emulsified asphalt and gravel material do not need heating, no heavy physical activity , Completely by the mechanical automatic operation, reduce labor intensity, significantly reduce the emissions of harmful substances.
3. Energy conservation, with hot asphalt road General asphalt heating 165-170 ℃ Crane need to reheat, mix a lot of sand and gravel must be dried and heated to 150 ℃, and paving with emulsified asphalt, only in the production of emulsified asphalt The asphalt was heated to 130 ° C without further heating. According to statistics with emulsified asphalt road than with hot asphalt to save energy more than 50%.
Equipment Exhibition
the most practical slurry sealing equipment
4. To extend the construction time, the slurry layer at the surface temperature of 10 ℃ or more when the construction can be more than the general hot asphalt can be extended about 2 months construction time, and immediately after the rain construction. Reduce the cost of downtime after the rain is conducive to the timely protection of asphalt road to stop the disease intensified and expanded.
In short, the slurry seal layer as an effective road maintenance of rural road maintenance, with less material, quick repair of the old road surface use function, and the other slurry seal can also be used in the maintenance of fuel (with a slurry mixture Local disease) Road asked the hard generation and other aspects. In the rural road maintenance work plays an important role, can also be used in the white road directly to replace the hot asphalt fabric surface layer, the construction method is simple, can effectively improve the road life, save a lot of money and energy, significantly improved Economic and social benefits.