Early disease prevention measures of asphalt concrete pavement

Early damage of asphalt concrete pavement and asphalt mixture, road design and construction, traffic climate conditions are all or part of the contact, and traffic weather conditions are objective, so the asphalt pavement disease prevention and control technology should be pavement design, asphalt mixture and construction of three A specific analysis of specific disease countermeasures.

1.Reasonable Design of Pavement Structure
(1)Minimize the thickness of the asphalt surface as much as possible.
Freeway pavement thickness can be reduced as appropriate, control within 9-12cm. The first is the semi-rigid asphalt pavement structure of the carrying capacity can be semi-rigid material layer (base and sub-base) to bear, without thickening the surface layer to improve the carrying capacity. The second is to improve the performance of asphalt pavement is not a thick asphalt surface layer, but with high quality asphalt. The third is the asphalt surface cracks not only reflective cracks, in normal construction, most of the asphalt surface layer itself temperature cracking. The fourth is generally thick asphalt surface layer easily lead to rut generation.
(2)strengthen the waterproof asphalt pavement design
(3)Choose a reasonable grass-roots and sub-base structure
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2 .Strictly control the quality of asphalt mixture
(1)Selection of asphalt with good performance at high and low temperature performance, anti-aging properties, low wax content, high-viscosity high-quality homemade or imported asphalt. Where conditions permit, various types of modifiers may be incorporated into the asphalt to improve the base performance.
(2)Selection of aggregates should be used rough surface, hard stone, wear resistance, embedded crowded role, and good adhesion properties of asphalt aggregate. If the aggregate is acidic, it should be added to a number of anti-stripping agent or lime powder, to ensure that the mixture of anti-peeling performance, and should minimize the water content of aggregate.
(3)Determination of mixture gradation High temperature stability and fatigue performance of asphalt mixture, low temperature crack resistance, pavement surface characteristics and durability are two contradictory, mutual restraint, take care of one aspect of performance, may reduce performance on the other hand .
3.Strictly control the construction quality.
Asphalt pavement construction must be based on total quality management requirements, establish and improve the effective quality assurance system, the implementation of target management, process management, clear responsibility for the entire process of construction, the quality of each process to be strict inspection, control, To ensure its quality standards, specifically to grasp the following aspects:(1)Strictly control the mixing quality of asphalt mixture, mixing process found "paste" or "segregation" and other unusual circumstances should be dealt with immediately;(2)ensure the top surface roughness at the grass-roots level.(3)Reasonable sprinkle through the oil layer, sticky layer of oil.(4)Improve the surface paving quality。