Dutch invented automatic paving machine

As long as the brick fed into the automatic pavement "big mouth", there is a smooth and beautiful brick sidewalk, and this is not a science fiction film, but the Dutch automatic pavement work scene. Looks very wonderful, this paving machine is like a printer for people to quickly and easily laying sidewalks.

This paver called tiger-stone, meaning "swallowing stone slot machine", it sounds pretty image. This machine is not a fully automatic paving machine, but requires manual arrangement of bricks. Paving machine can be based on the width of the road to adjust the width of the laying, shop width from 2 meters to 15 meters. According to the width of the pavement, each machine needs one to three workers code brick, the brick in the bucket in accordance with a certain sequence in the brick mouth. Bricks into the machine, the mixture of lime, cement, sand and other materials will be bonded into pieces of brick pieces together, and then neatly out from the exit, like a carpet, like laying on the ground , Will not break in the process from the middle of the operation.
The appearance of the pavement looks like an enlarged version of the printer cartridges, the bricks come in from one side, "print" the good road out from the other side. The way the paver mixes and sprays the adhesive is also somewhat similar to that of the ink cartridges, and it is possible to fit the adhesive between the bricks. According to the arrangement of different bricks, as well as different brick colors, paving machines can present different pavement effects and patterns, even the sides of the border are also laid together. A small brick car to keep up with paving machines, not only can supply bricks in time, you can also just lay the road pressure, will make the road more solid and firm, to extend the service life. Paving machine can also lay the stones, but asked the selected stone is processed, like the same size as the brick, not only to the same length and width, the thickness should be unified.
Paving machine is electric, external ordinary civilian power can begin to work. Paving machines are also equipped with four wheels, you can in the road in accordance with a certain speed straight forward. As paving machines require artificial tiles, and to mix adhesives, this paving machine is currently paving is not very fast, in 8 hours of work time can be laid 400 meters pavement. However, this is still much faster than artificial laying. Paving machines can also reduce the strength of the work of workers, do not always bent over the squat on the road to work. As the pavement pavement used in the binder than artificial laying less, in the urban road reconstruction process, this laying method is also easy to brick, stone and other materials recycling.
"When we were young, we were like building blocks, and I was thinking that it would be as simple as building blocks, and then I did not become an architect," said Balkenne, a researcher at the development of the automatic paving machine. But as a mechanic, the idea of ​​building blocks is still in my mind for a long time, so there is an idea of ​​automatic paving, and it is as simple as building blocks.