Double wheel roller performance high reliability

After several years of continuous improvement, Zhonglian YZC12 double drum roller machine quality has been continuously improved and improved, its excellent work performance, a high degree of intelligent configuration, user-friendly design and high reliability and durability, and excellent Technical and economic performance, in many domestic double-drum roller is unique. At present, has occupied most of the domestic road roller market, and Germany's BMW, the United States Ingersoll Rand formed three pillars of the situation. Its outstanding performance is mainly reflected in three aspects:

Superior performance
1. Machine work quality, steel wheel static pressure, compaction ability, high density; full hydraulic double wheel drive, driving two stalls stepless automatic variable speed, driving very light and safe.
2. Front and rear wheel double frequency, double amplitude, double wheel vibration, large width steel wheel and high working speed, high production efficiency. And has a stepless variable frequency vibration system, in the range of 32 ~ 45HZ can be stepless adjustment to ensure that in a variety of compaction materials and different thickness of the pavement have excellent compaction effect.
3. Unique high-speed brake no impact technology to ensure that the compaction of high flatness; unique automatic stop vibration, starting technology, so that the operation more convenient and comfortable, improve the construction quality.
4. Advanced double articulation steering mechanism and Zoomlion special automatic control crab line institutions, before and after the wheel can be staggered 170mm compaction, sticking compaction and corridor compaction better.
Equipment Exhibition
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High reliability
1. The use of international first-class configuration, Germany imported DEUTZ company high-power air-cooled diesel engine, Germany imported REXROTH hydraulic parts, the German FAG special vibration bearings, the United States imported FLOJET sprinkler, the United States DELLFU 24V large capacity battery, Thus ensuring the advanced nature of the roller and the reliability of the work.
2. The hydraulic system adopts large displacement, high pressure series pump and motor, increase the torque and reduce the working pressure of the system. The secondary filtration of the oil filter and the pressure oil fine filter is used to improve the cleanliness of the hydraulic system and improve the reliability.
3. Unique vibration wheel structure design, the use of the patented bearing and low-speed sealed structure, optimized the design of the damping system, greatly enhance the reliability and extend the life of the wheel and maintenance cycle.
4. Two sets of independent pressure sprinkler system, before and after the pump can work alternately sprinkler, can also be a separate sprinkler, for the reliable operation of the sprinkler system provides multiple protection.
Humanized design
1. The cab has advanced fault alarm automatic monitoring system, can be monitored at any time diesel engine oil pressure and temperature, air filter, battery voltage is normal, improve the safety of the vehicle operation and protection.
2. Double-seat, two-way steering wheel, the driver can easily observe the steel wheel rim; and equipped with retractable, noise-proof composite material; Machine, fan, air conditioning system as an option to keep the room temperature pleasant, quiet and comfortable.