Double wheel roller performance and stability

D-3 new generation of high-frequency electronic control double drum vibratory roller, modular frame structure, inclined steel wheel support, with excellent quality and high efficiency. The machine is suitable for road grassroots, small and medium-sized filling works, but also compacted asphalt, concrete pavement ideal choice, with the paver with the operation, can give full play to the comprehensive advantages of complete sets of equipment. So it is the ideal equipment for high-grade highways, modern airports, wharfs and large parking lots.

Technical features:
 US imports Cummins QSB4.5 engine, powerful, stable and reliable performance, fuel economy is good. Application of constant speed control, non-working state when the engine automatically transferred to the idle state, saving fuel. Temperature control fan design, load-sensitive system technology, can reduce fuel costs for users. Vibratory wheel with uniform technology design, vibration side and drive side staggered layout, the machine compaction more uniform, more smooth road.
Flexible start-up and flexible downtime designed to prevent the machine from happening during the start-up and downtime. With the speed control knob can be set pre-working speed and the number of shocks, so that each work at the same pace of work, so that compaction uniformity better. Up to 1100L of water tank greatly extended working hours and had two water injectors and two outlets.
 D-3 vibration system with 51Hz and 67Hz two frequencies, the efficiency of the machine than the traditional machine can be increased by 34% or more, with a small amplitude of 0.3mm, especially for thin layer and bridge surface compaction; large amplitude 0.8mm, available In the thick compaction, compaction efficiency is high. Electrohydraulic control using international matching components, advanced matching design, cutting-edge control technology to start, stop time reasonable, compaction uniformity. Spacious and bright cab, with excellent comfort and vision.
Sliding and 180 ° rotary console can be adjusted according to the needs of the operator. High-resolution display, you can clearly see the water level, oil level, water temperature, oil temperature, frequency impact times and other information for the construction operations to provide a comfortable environment. The D-3 provides a good view and driving comfort for precise operation. The use of bird-wing hood design, open both sides of the wing cover, the engine hydraulic pump all exposed to the operating range, maintenance and maintenance points can be carried out on the ground; hydraulic tank is only 40L, can save the user maintenance costs; System in the lower part of the body, you can easily clean the sprinkler filter and nozzle, cold days and other operations.