Double wheel roller operating master

DOAN small double drum roller can be simple and efficient and diverse handling of small asphalt paving work. It is an ideal choice for contractors who need to work on different sizes. For applications involving hot mix asphalt, soil-based work, aggregate grassroots and other work, DOAN small double-drum rollers make work faster. The small double drum roller with the high frequency compaction function, faster speed, 360 ° field of view and with the edge of the machine wheel processing makes the operator has greater control. Xiaobian together with the following to understand its top performance.

The full range of view ensures the accuracy and flatness of the pavement compaction
DOAN has over 40 years of experience in high frequency compaction. So the introduction of small double drum roller fully meet the needs of the market: stable, accurate and efficient. With a 360 ° field of view, accurate steel wheel machining and shear processes and high vibration frequencies, you can achieve faster operating speeds and improve your profitability while ensuring excellent work in small compaction projects quality.
high frequency
Due to the high frequency compaction of DOAN, the operator can travel faster, while maintaining the appropriate compaction pitch, thereby increasing production capacity and road surface roughness. The frequency can be adjusted according to different assignments.
Intermittent water spray
Can be adjusted according to the needs of two vibrating wheel water, so save time and water. The operator can precisely adjust the watering interval of the two vibrating wheels. This not only prevents the asphalt from adhering to the vibrating wheel, but also reduces the amount of water used to reduce the water supply system downtime.
Machined vibrating wheels ensure pavement flatness
The vibrating wheel of the type of roller can achieve the most flat road.
The vibrating wheel is specially machined to ensure perfect roundness, and all edges of the vibratory wheel are treated with corners to prevent the road from pressing.
Pressurized water supply system can eliminate the phenomenon of asphalt
Front and rear vibration wheels have rust-proof pressurized water supply system that provides continuous flow to the surface of the vibrating wheel. 8 nozzles are equipped with fine filter behind, you can minimize the congestion, to ensure that the surface of the vibrating wheel to form a suitable fan-shaped water spray range.
Anti-corrosion high pressure water system
Anti-corrosive high-pressure water system to improve the stability of the flow to prevent the adhesion of asphalt on the front and rear wheels, while the precision weaving of the filter can make the maximum coverage of the jet, and the possibility of blocking the smallest.
Easy to reach the engine room
The easy-to-reach engine compartment is equipped with an easy-to-open front cover that is used for complete maintenance, inspection and repair of the engine and hydraulic components.
Improve productivity
DOAN's construction equipment is durable. Type double drum roller all maintenance points are easy to close, can guarantee fast maintenance and shorter downtime. The light hood can be easily opened for easy routine inspection. Coupled with excellent service support for DOAN, the double drum wheel has a longer service life.
Easy access to the engine compartment
The hood can be easily opened for routine maintenance and inspection. The articulated hood is lightweight and can be tilted forward with the help of two pneumatic struts to make it easier to approach the engine and hydraulic components.