Doan machinery study paver technology training

 June 18, Doan company invited professor sheng-jie jiao chang 'an university, Ye Min professor, associate professor of Gu Hairong as a teacher, hosted the paver knowledge training.From institute of paver, electric hydraulic research institute, institute of technology, quality assurance, production manufacturing, assembling workshop, comprehensive workshop, supplies company technical personnel and backbone employees and more than 70 people attended the training.

Equipment Exhibition

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Training by adopting the combination of classroom teaching and production field teaching way.In the classroom teaching of morning, professor sheng-jie jiao according to ourselves for many years engaged in the study of paver working experience and test data, detailed tells the story of paver common problem in production, especially through careful data analysis to let everyone know that the paver and its important working parts - iron plate processing difficulty and processing requirements.Afternoon training first at the scene of the assembly shop, professor jiao to lead the students surrounded around a good assembly paver, combined with the training before the collected problem, intuitive vivid tells the assembly requirements of paver, operating considerations and possible problems and solutions.Ye Min professor, associate professor of Gu Hairong taught for everybody paver hydraulic system of the common questions and treatment methods.Site after training, we went back to the classroom communication, and the company produces the paver and other companies both at home and abroad of the paver performance parameters were analyzed, points out their respective advantages and disadvantages, pointed out the direction of improve the quality of products for the company.