Discussion on Operation Technology of Asphalt Paver

With the development of highway construction, the quality of the project put forward higher requirements. Asphalt pavement due to comfort and ease of maintenance, widely favored, the proportion gradually expanded. Asphalt concrete paver as the construction of asphalt concrete pavement one of the most important machinery, directly related to the quality of the road, its importance is self-evident. Advanced machinery and equipment is to improve the quality of the foundation; and the correct use of advanced equipment, is to improve the quality of the fundamental guarantee. The quality of the road is good or bad, mainly by the paver to complete, the following combination of their own engineering practice, talk about how to correctly use the paver to improve the quality of road construction.

First, the paver selection
With the continuous improvement of highway construction technology and the continuous improvement of quality requirements, asphalt concrete paver in the application of highway construction more and more widely, its possession of the status is also more and more important. Advanced machinery and equipment is to improve the quality of the basis of the project; and the correct use of advanced equipment is to improve the quality of the fundamental guarantee. Pavement paving quality is mainly through the paver to complete, so the asphalt concrete paver in the construction process of operation technology is to improve the quality of the key construction of the road.
Attention to the selection of paver is to ensure the quality of road construction premise. According to the requirements of the paving width to adjust, should be used as much as possible using two or more paver into the echelon way to pave the way to limit the width of a paving; longitudinal seam as far as possible in the vicinity of the shoulder parts or marking, Seam processing is not ideal, the impact on the traffic is not large, thus ensuring the smoothness of the main line.
In the road construction, the paver selection must be closely combined with the specific site conditions and road surface construction, follow the road to meet the quality and reasonable costs and other requirements. Otherwise it will lead to unnecessary waste, and even produce many serious consequences.
Second, the pavement construction state
Maintain the good condition of the pavement is the basis for ensuring the quality of the pavement works.
(A) screed width adjustment
To ensure the smoothness of the road and paving quality, should use the full hydraulic drive and electronic control, the central automatic focus lubrication, hydraulic vibration, hydraulic stepless adjustment paving width and other new technologies, high degree of automation, easy to operate, And equipped with a master switch, automatic leveling device, unloading device and locking device paving equipment, such as ABG423.
(B) adjustment of the feeding screw position
Feeding the spiral and screed the front edge of the number of how much to determine the amount of material, the distance is too small, resulting in insufficient feed, large size aggregate is not easy to enter the screed, even if the entry also caused large particles aggregate between the small aggregate And frit packing. (Height 912.5px) for the pavement layer thickness 4 ~ 375px, high (higher than the median 5) for pavement thickness of more than 375px, low (lower than the median 5) Suitable for pavement thickness less than 200px. Follow-up survey found that the material level is higher than the spiral feeder 2/3 than the spiral cloth 2/3 paved out of the surface layer evenly, filled between the aggregate.
(C) the adjustment of the screed crown
Will be read on the level of the absolute number of crown (mm) or slope of the percentage adjusted to the same design with the crown can be. For the two front and rear arching agencies, the former arch should be slightly larger than the arch, the experience shows that: the front arch is too large, the middle part of the mixture and more, so there will be tight in the middle and was scratched and vertical tear The front arch is too small, even smaller than the back arch, there will be the middle part of the mixture loose and close sides and was scraping out the bright marks and longitudinal tear-like stripes phenomenon. Therefore, the arch before and after the arch should be appropriate to adjust the general manual length of the scissors to adjust the width of the front and rear arch of the difference between 3-4mm, hydraulic expansion and contraction of the screed before and after the difference between the arch to 2mm is appropriate.
(D) the initial work of the height of the paver adjustment
The initial working elevation angle directly affects the thickness of the laying layer after the start, flatness and transverse seams processing, to be carefully checked and adjusted. Before the arch, check whether the whole screed is flat, whether the connector is fastened, clean and the natural crown of the screed. If the pavement is paved, the pre-camber will be controlled. The adjustment of the pre-camber control is to be flat when the pavement is paved, but in practice the screed is in contact with the asphalt mixture at 150 ° C during the paving process. The screed is heated and the screed Deformed. So before the paving should be scissors to adjust the pre-cam, so that it is heated in the pavement deformation to achieve straight requirements.
(5) adjustment of scraper guard
The height of the scraper has an important effect on the stacking height of the screed mixture, which affects the asphalt mixture under the screed.