Discussion on Maintenance Technology of Highway Bridge

Maintenance technology of highway bridge

Current Status and Disadvantages of Highway Bridge Maintenance
At present, there are many shortcomings and shortcomings in the maintenance of highway bridges in China: (1) due to the lack of conservation investment, inadequate maintenance funds and the low quality of maintenance personnel and the oldness of testing equipment, which leads directly to the maintenance and repair of bridges To achieve the desired results and requirements. (2) China's highway bridge maintenance system has been unable to meet the market economy and the development of enterprise management, in improving the level of conservation technology should also be based on the old business management system reform. (3) due to the technical information of the bridge is not timely and the bridge data management confusion and other reasons can not be comprehensive and complete technical information to grasp the operation of the bridge, nor can the bridge disease in a timely manner to prevent and deal with.
1.2 Daily and preventive maintenance of highway bridges
The daily and preventive maintenance of highway bridges is mainly aimed at measures that may cause compensation and prevention of bridge performance. The main methods are to set the traffic limit on the bridgehead to avoid overloading the bridge, and to cover the surface cracks, pits and defects in time Of the repair, the timely replacement of expansion joints and the concrete surface coating treatment to prevent the carbonization of concrete or steel corrosion. Through the treatment of the above measures can not only extend the service life of the bridge can make up for the bridge and its ancillary equipment design and congenital defects, while the bridge of good maintenance and maintenance can reduce the cost of operation and management. The implementation of preventive maintenance measures and standardized management should first develop relevant standards, guidelines and norms and the establishment of specialized operators and trained professional conservation personnel, in the application of standardized decision-making and methods should also be based on the maintenance of long-term funding Effectiveness.
1.3 Highway bridge disease prevention and remediation
The damage of the highway bridge can be divided into three aspects: the bridge deck, the upper structure and the lower structure. For the bridge surface, the bridge surface is cracked, the drain pipe is blocked, the railing is missing and the expansion joints and the bridge jump. Prevention and remediation measures mainly for the timely closure of cracks and local repair, to keep the deck clean and timely drainage, snow when necessary, the bridge can be re-pavement and waterproof layer of treatment, for the expansion of the need for timely cleaning and replacement, for Sidewalks and guardrails and other equipment should ensure that the construction performance is good. The structure of the upper part of the bridge is mainly refers to the aging of the bearing and rupture, etc., for the steel plate and the arc bearing may also produce dry and rust phenomenon, the maintenance of the part is to ensure that the bearing parts of the integrity and clean, The right position, uniform force, etc., for the rolling bearing should be regularly done oil and wipe clean and other treatment, but also in time for the bearing corrosion and replacement treatment. The damage to the lower part of the bridge mainly refers to the defects and damage of the foundation and the lower ancillary facilities, such as foundation cracking, subsidence or displacement and corrosion of steel bars. For this part of the protection is mainly timely cleaning for serious damage to the timely replacement, concrete surface When the disease should be promptly cleaned and cement mortar smooth, for the local charge and damage to the situation should be promptly repaired.
1.4 Highway bridge inspection
Highway bridge inspection is divided into regular, regular and special inspection and other three forms, often check the main deck and abutment facilities for the daily inspection of the defects found in time for minor maintenance and the establishment of a complete inspection records. The periodic inspection of the bridge is mainly for the main body of the bridge and ancillary structures of the technical situation and functional parts of the regular follow-up inspection, the inspection cycle is generally three years. In the inspection of the first proof of the basic data of the bridge and the cause and extent of the damage to determine the scope and manner of repair, for serious damage and can not determine the cause of the defects in the proposed traffic restrictions should also be made special inspection requirements, and finally do a good job Related records work. Special inspections for highway bridges are divided into emergency inspections when the bridge is subjected to natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes in a timely manner, as well as special inspections that can not determine the cause of damage and the degree of damage. All inspections should be conducted by the highway management agency, the bridge testing center implementation and equipped with appropriate testing equipment.
discussion on maintenance technology of highway bridge
Measures to Improve Highway Maintenance Technology
As an important part of the highway, the highway bridge is an important factor to ensure the safety of traffic and the smooth flow of the road. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the service life of the highway bridge when the highway bridge is still in good use condition. Carrying capacity and security of the powerful measures.
2.1 to enhance the overall quality of highway bridge maintenance team and personnel
With the increase in the task of highway bridge maintenance, as well as the improvement of road maintenance technical requirements, in the establishment of highway maintenance team and recruiting road maintenance personnel should pay attention to the overall professional quality level. (1) in terms of staffing should be based on the maintenance of the road mileage and the number of bridges within the area reasonable arrangements for full-time maintenance engineers and should ensure the nature of their work and the stability of the location. (2) clear the responsibility of the bridge maintenance engineers, not only to be responsible for the development of the bridge's regular maintenance plan, but also responsible for organizing and arranging the bridge within the jurisdiction of the regular inspection, in addition to the inspection results should be tested and analyzed if encountered more serious Disease situation should be reported to the relevant management departments to resolve in a timely manner. (3) For the maintenance and training of conservation personnel, the road maintenance departments at all levels should do a good job in the maintenance of the actual highway bridge maintenance work and in this process to gradually improve the backbone of the establishment of professional team and team. In the training of the most important aspect is to be truly professional, which requires not only to have specialized training procedures and methods but also to ensure that the team and staff have a professional conservation experience, so as to ensure the maintenance of the bridge and the sudden The ultimate goal of event management is to achieve the transition from daily maintenance to minor or overhaul.
2.2 to increase and attach importance to the investment in highway bridge maintenance costs
Reasonable formulation and arrangement of highway bridge maintenance plan is the key to ensure the smooth progress of bridge maintenance work, but if you can not guarantee the inspection, maintenance or reinforcement of funds in place and reasonable and plan will lose practical significance, so in order to ensure the normal use of the bridge and conservation The normal operation of the relevant departments should be responsible for the management and allocation of funds. In addition, according to the actual situation reasonable adjustment of conservation plans and funding to achieve the flexible management of diversification is to ensure the smooth operation of the important aspects of conservation funds for the conservation of the source and collection should also be flexible and diversified.
2.3 attention to the reconstruction and reconstruction of the bridge
The so-called dangerous bridge is in line with the bridge technology assessment standards defined in the four types of bridge state bridge, the main features can be summarized as important parts of the bridge or key parts of a serious functional disease or material strength to reach the limit, when When these phenomena occur, the rigidity, strength and stability of the bridge will be greatly reduced. Therefore, reconstruction or reconstruction work should be carried out as soon as possible to ensure the normal use of the road. In the bridge of the transformation and reconstruction work not only in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the bidding and engineering supervision work, but also should do a good job of materials and construction quality work for the future road maintenance work to lay a good foundation.
3 concluding remarks
With the surge of road traffic in our country and the improvement of vehicle carrying capacity, the higher requirements of bearing and passing capacity of highway bridge are put forward. As an important part of the highway, the highway bridge is an important factor to ensure the safety of traffic and the smooth flow of the road. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the service life of the highway bridge when the highway bridge is still in good use condition. Carrying capacity and security of the powerful measures. On the basis of a brief introduction to how to carry out daily and preventive maintenance of highway bridges, we have a better understanding and understanding of the daily maintenance of highway bridges. We also have a better understanding of how to improve and strengthen the maintenance of highway bridges. Further understanding, although there are still many deficiencies and improvements to the maintenance of highway bridges, we have reason to believe that with the improvement of maintenance measures and the improvement of maintenance and management level, the maintenance of highway bridges will rise to a higher Level.