Development of road integrated maintenance vehicles

Shanghai DOAN Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in highway maintenance machinery production enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, covering more than 100 acres, net assets of 160 million yuan. Since the establishment of the company, always adhere to the market demand-oriented, talent development as a strategy to scientific and technological innovation for the development of adhering to the "win-win cooperation in the development of the concept of" people I have, I have fine " And to build the core competitiveness of enterprises.

At present, most of our road sweepers for the car chassis modification, this road sweeper transition speed, suitable for large area, long distance cleaning, commonly used in urban trunk roads, urban and rural areas, highway road cleaning operations. Many road cleaning car manufacturers have also developed a special chassis of small and medium-sized full-road road cleaning car to meet the current needs of China's road cleaning machinery market.
Equipment Exhibition
thermal regeneration comprehensive vehicle
Although the development of China's road sweeper technology to the world attention, but compared with developed countries, China's road sweeper there are still many gaps. Although the road cleaning truck in China in the cleaning efficiency, cleaning capacity, dust removal and other cleaning performance performance and the level of developed countries, and in the road sweeping vehicle noise, emissions, reliability, comfort, automatic adjustment, there are still more Big gap. I officially pay attention to the phenomenon of the above, so it summed up the development direction for their own development, so that their business has grown!