Development Trend of Laser Cutting Machine in China

With the continuous development of industry, the demand for laser cutting equipment in various industries is also increasing, especially for the metal laser cutting machine processing speed and quality of particular concern. Because of the urgent increase in the demand for laser cutting equipment in China, domestic laser cutting equipment manufacturers in order to be able to synchronize with the social development in the market more competitive, laser cutting equipment market in the unprecedented expansion, continuous update and improve the equipment Processing more sophisticated, more processing materials can be applied to a wider range, to enhance the performance of all aspects of the laser equipment industry into a period of rapid development.

Laser cutting equipment Needless to say that we should know that there are many advantages, laser cutting machine is the use of laser beam heat conversion to achieve the cutting effect. Laser cutting equipment as a new type of cutting laser more and more widely used in various processing areas, especially in the automotive field, has a great role.
CNC laser cutting machine in many areas are very widely used, such as the automotive industry, d road maintenance industry, shipbuilding industry, power generation equipment, aerospace, military equipment. With the rapid development of science and technology, in order to improve product accuracy and efficiency, the requirements of CNC cutting machine has gradually increased. The following is the industry of CNC laser cutting machine processing requirements.
CNC laser cutting machine in all walks of life are widely used, because of its high efficiency and high precision characteristics to meet the growing needs of all walks of life processing. With the rapid development of science and technology, the future processing requirements of the machinery industry will be higher, in order to make CNC cutting performance to meet the continuous processing requirements, the industry on the CNC laser cutting machine made the following requirements:
Car engine design and body stamping parts production line with continuous, efficient and high reliability of the characteristics of the automotive industry can specifically study the characteristics of automotive parts, and the automotive industry to exchange research and development with a modular, serialized sets of flexible production line. Flexible production line to the car engine head cylinder, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, box and other processing parts for the object, to adapt to the flow of the production module can be a rapid combination of production lines, grasp the performance evaluation, error traceability, Quality control and management integration technology, the development of high-speed precision, reliable CNC cutting machine, at the same time with high-speed reclaiming, auxiliary equipment such as deburring function.
The hub of a large ship is concentrated in the base of the high-power diesel engine, the frame, the cylinder block, the cylinder head, the piston rod, the crosshead, the connecting rod, the crankshaft, and the gearbox drive shaft, the rudder shaft and the propeller, Material for the special alloy steel, usually small batch processing, processing rate required 100%. The hub processing parts have the characteristics of large weight, complex shape, high precision and difficult processing. Large ship hub parts need to have high power, high reliability and multi-axis heavy, ultra-heavy CNC cutting machine.