Desert type large roller

For the needs of desert-type roller customers, DOAN technology research, and actively organize the development of R & D personnel to adapt to the use of the desert vibratory roller, only a month to complete all the design work and trial production success, has now achieved mass sales.

desert type large roller

The model used on the diesel high-power turbocharged engine to meet the country Ⅱ emission requirements. At the same time, the intake is more suitable for the desert area of the two-stage filter to ensure that the intake of cleanliness, to extend the air filter and engine life; a large area of three-in-one plate fins radiator to improve the cooling effect; Optimize the proportion of front and rear round distribution, to enhance the driving force of the machine, thus ensuring the machine in the desert a good capacity.

The model has a strong desert targeted to meet the various requirements in the desert construction, very good to meet the special needs of customers, for the Xugong roller in the desert region of the competition to provide a strong support.