Deicing snow emergency rescue equipment

1、Snow removal vehicles introduced

The purpose is to clear the snow removal vehicles snow and ice on the road.The job is mainly used to clear roads in winter snow,snow removal vehicles are often used dump truck chassis as a basis.Our product,equipment installed on the dump truck,sprinkle with salt self-powered and self-powered snow shovel to push the sanding machine to meet the requirements of the road snow-removal work.
2、Snow removal vehicles equipment construction
1.Front push snow shovel
It used to quickly clear snow on the road,suitable for fast and heavy snow, snow removal,especially highway and trunk road,snow under the skis thrust along a curved guide plate forming the lateral force when the job will be thrown a few meters to more than ten meters of snow,efficient snow removal operations Required.
Snow shovel comes with obstacle avoidance means,spring return,so push snow shovel encountered obstacles edge flip,through the barrier and to protect equipment,at the same time improve the damaged pavement and road signs, spikes, wells and other facilities.four-on cutting board design, avoid the risk of obstacles to the vehicle caused by the impact of a vehicle rollover.
High-strength structural steel materials,wear blade.high-strength lightweight materials make it,it can be installed on a variety of models,including almost all large and medium truck chassis,it is not necessary for this ski special chassis configuration,it can be directly installed on the user's existing truck chassis.Front, easy handling, fast.
Equipment Exhibition
deicing snow emergency rescue equipment
2.Car chassis
Four countries chosen Dongfeng Automobile chassis cars
3.Snow shovel
Independent electric hydraulic system,electric remote control manipulation,overall shovel blade wear,segmented blade holder design,own avoidance device,product design has reached the international advanced level,suitable for winter snow removal jobs quickly,snow under the skis thrust along a curved guide plate forming the lateral force when the job will be thrown a few meters to more than ten meters of snow.
4.Our products benefits features
a.Dump trucks, snow blades and sprinkle salt sprinkle sand can customize a combination of easy removal
b.when not snow, it can push snow shovel and sprinkle salt sanding machine relieved, will not cause waste of car chassis
c.New deicing salt spreader:For deicing salt spreaders, salt and sand spreading width, high precision spreading, fast operation with spreaders
d.Deicing salt spreader using self-powered, with a variety of free combination works trucks, enabling fast demolition
e.Can multifunctional snow removal vehicles
f.Quality comparable to imported products, using the latest materials and technology to produce special, high cost
g.use efficient and reliable
h.Low energy consumption, low emissions, but also reduce the labor intensity of the sanitation workers.