Deepen the road maintenance mechanization

With the rapid development of all walks of life, as the economic development of highway infrastructure must also be matched with the industry, which requires road maintenance operations fast, safe, high quality, low consumption for road users to provide comfortable and perfect service function ; At the same time, the progress of society also requires the road maintenance to gradually replace the manual mechanization, as far as possible to improve the maintenance of workers operating conditions, reduce labor intensity, improve the quality of highway maintenance operations, speed and efficiency, and gradually achieve the traditional conservation mode of modern conservation The material basis of transformation. Therefore, accelerating the process of mechanization of conservation is an objective requirement for the development of highway construction.

The urgency of promoting road maintenance mechanization
(1) constraints mechanization of conservation of the full realization of the main problems.
Mechanization of highway maintenance has been implemented throughout the country for many years, but subject to the objective and subjective constraints, as well as most areas did not really realize the mechanization of conservation, the traditional artificial conservation still exist, and the current social development speed compared to some Hysteresis phenomenon. At present, there is still one of the majority of road maintenance management personnel behind the concept of mechanization, the lack of awareness of the operation caused by low mechanical utilization, cost control lax, mechanical efficiency is not obvious. Second, most of the first-line conservation workers there are limitations of cultural knowledge, technical characteristics of a single, new technology to accept the new theory of a lower degree, even the purchase of modern machinery, staff temporarily unable to operate and maintenance level. Third, although the road maintenance departments at all levels equipped with a number of conservation machinery, but the large, advanced, high technology, high degree of automation of the lack of conservation machinery and equipment, mechanical equipment, complete series of low degree of mechanization at a low level And other phenomena. Fourth, because the road maintenance industry is characterized by the social service industry, the current conservation market does not achieve full market operation, even if the conservation and configuration of a higher cost of modern conservation machinery but can not achieve cross-regional conservation operations, resulting in operations Surface narrow, limited work, recovery of mechanical costs and profitability is not easy to achieve a short time and many other problems hinder the mechanization of the road to raise the full realization.
Equipment Exhibition
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(2) the superiority of highway maintenance mechanization.
Although the road maintenance mechanization has not yet fully realized, but its superiority has been highlighted. To Bijie Highway Authority, for example, the Bureau of Bijie City, the territory of provincial highway 1572.1 km of the highway. 2009 years ago, only some of the daily maintenance of small equipment, and even the deployment of some mechanical long-term idle warehouse phenomenon, there is no complete sets of large-scale road maintenance machinery and equipment, highway maintenance project quality once round province countdown. In 2009, the council introduced Wirtgen WR2500S in-situ cold reclaiming machine, and set up a formal road maintenance mechanization construction production line at the core of the equipment, and applied it to highway maintenance project. In 2010, less than half of the effective working days to complete the road overhaul grass-roots in situ cold regeneration more than 160 kilometers, creating a traditional water stability layer construction efficiency efficiency, to change the council road maintenance project quality has played a decisive Role, fully embodies the conservation mechanization of superiority.