DOAN super paver for asphalt paving

DOAN brand road maintenance experts, has many popular pavement pavement equipment. Due to the height of the fuselage, construction in low-ceilinged parking lots has been a huge challenge for most paving equipment. The DOAN Super DA-15 successfully completed the paving construction at the parking lot near Witsburgh, Germany, making the construction of the low ceiling area a problem.

DOAN Super DA-15 small paver machine height of less than 2 m, even in the low ceiling area, the machine can also be a flexible position to operate the device. At the same time, AB 220 TV hydraulic retractable screed the maximum paving width of 3.2 m, can be efficient paving large area area.
The Super DA-15 is designed for space-constrained construction sites. In addition to the machine height of 1.98 m, the ErgoBasic bridge is also a big highlight. A highly suitable hand-picked desk gives the player an ideal full-scale field of view while maintaining a standing posture while paving in a low-rise room. Moreover, this design of the paver even in the vertical distance from the wall 5 cm position can also be construction. Reversing to the wall near the construction, equipment screed rear pedal can be easily folded, greatly reducing the manual work.
In addition, the paver of this project is also familiar with another detail design of the Super DA-15: "In the case of a ceiling space construction, the lighting conditions will deteriorate, while the DOAN equipment integrated ErgoBasic main control panel For the backlight type, for the construction of this condition provides an ideal solution.
In the parking lot for asphalt paving, the need for large paving the width of the screed in order to efficient construction. Designed for the Super DA-15, the new generation of AB 220 TV hydraulic retractable screeds can achieve a 50 cm to 3.2 m paving width, which makes the Super DA-15 a very wide range of paver. The following are the same as the "
Super AB-15 AB 220 TV screed the basic working width of 1.2 m, can be extended to 2.2 m hydraulic. By using DOAN widened blocks, the maximum paving width can be up to 3.2 m. At the same time, this paver track outside the distance of only 1.14 m, crawler center distance of 96 cm, but with a variety of paving width, which is essential in the construction. In addition, the installation of the super DA-15 wide block is very simple, only a very short period of time will be installed, and 3.2 m paving width of the rapid construction.
At the same time, the Super DA-15 can easily achieve paving widths below 1.2 m. The installation of the system is as easy as installing the widened block. After installing the widening system, the paving width can be reduced from 1.2 m to 0.5 m. And the screed can still float on the material as if it were not equipped with the system. This allows the paving thickness to be adjusted by the screed arm hinge, or even equipped with the NiveltronicBasic automatic aspect slope control system for control.