DOAN single drum vibratory roller market

DOAN's new DA12B, DA15B and DA13B single-wheel vibratory rollers offer advanced technology to handle a wide range of operating conditions, providing excellent construction flexibility and performance output, regardless of how harsh the construction environment is.

DOAN construction equipment grand launch of the stage IV / Tier 4 Final emission standards of the new single-wheel vibratory roller. Regardless of the operational requirements, these flexible, easy-to-use and efficient rollers can help operators achieve high performance output and construction efficiency. For example, with a simple and easy-to-use console, the operator can use DOAN's advanced vibration control system to adjust the vibration frequency and amplitude to accommodate different soil types and conditions. The equipment is equipped with dual-frequency vibration system, but also optional five-vibration vibration system, according to the construction and the impact of the depth of vibration requirements, can be high and low amplitude switch to adjust the wheel vibration energy output. At the same time, the optimized excitation force output and automatic start-up function can also enhance the compaction performance, compaction yield and operation convenience.
The travel drive system provides excellent climbing and traction capability for high-angle slopes or slippery surfaces to prevent the rear wheels or front wheels from slipping and idling, resulting in excellent climbing capabilities, compaction and construction effectiveness.
Equipment Exhibition
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The B-Series single-wheel vibratory roller offers three different configurations and is available with a light wheel or bump wheel. In addition, it is possible to further improve the use flexibility of the new series of rollers by quickly and easily realizing the conversion of the wheel and the bump wheel on the roller by attaching the bump housing on the light wheel.
High quality DOAN engines conforming to the Stage IV / Tier 4 Final emission standards feature high torque output at low speeds without sacrificing power to reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption. The DA12B, DA15B and DA13B models are available in ECO (fuel economy) mode to match the engine speed to the operating mode, resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 40%. In addition, the new eccentric excitation mechanism design can also be in the lower hydraulic pressure to a shorter time to start, to further reduce equipment fuel consumption.
The passive exhaust gas recirculation system automatically cleans the filter during normal operation without the need for additional operation of the operator, nor does it degrade the performance of the machine, while the hydraulic drive stepless variable speed cooling motor will only work if needed The demand for engine power output. Low-speed cooling fans can reduce operating noise, thereby improving operational comfort, and help reduce the user's long-term use costs.
Comfortable operation
The B-Series rollers also help to improve construction efficiency thanks to its industry-leading cab, which provides excellent visibility, built-in ergonomic, centrally disposed control units with comfortable interior Operating environment. The certified ROPS / FOPS cab is equipped with full-width front windows for easy viewing of the front wheels and a glance at the construction site. Multi-directional adjustable seats can be rotated and sliding, to further enhance the operation of vision and comfort. The new high-tech color operation display can display machine running information and diagnostic information on critical faults. The information displayed on the display can be easily read even under the exposure of the sun.