DOAN roller machine sprinkler quality assurance

DOAN roller water pump quality assurance vibration roller sprinkler pump actually has five kinds of failure in the form: a) motor burned the motor burned all the damage to the pump, the analysis of the damage is due to: the inlet debris caused by pump load, the motor coil The current is far beyond its rated current, the motor burns instantaneously makes the pump damaged. B) carbon brush exhausted pump carbon brush exhausted. Analysis of the damage is due to: the pump has been used for a long time, while the inlet debris lead to pump work load larger, shortening the pump life. C) commutator sintering In addition to the above-mentioned failure of the pump, the pump commutator sintering, analysis of the damage is due to: pump water resistance is not good, floating in the commutator between the copper particles in the water and electrode ignition The burner is burned and bonded in the gap between the commutator copper pieces, and some of the diverter copper pieces are directly turned on, and the current through the armature coil is reduced to the time when the armature coil can not drive the rotation of the armature coil. D) carbon brush stuck pump carbon brush stuck to account for all damage, analysis of its damage is due to: early damage caused by pump charcoal fever sintering. E) One-way valve bad pump check valve damage to all damage to the pump, the analysis of its damage is due to: early damage, pump check valve is not good. From the above analysis can be found: I failure pump 75% of the pump rust, indicating that the water pump poor water resistance, not applicable in the double drum vibratory roller

Here's a brief answer to your doubts about our products:
1, Q: pump water seal replacement method
1, remove the pump from the engine.
2, unscrew the front of the pump shaft nut, remove the pump cover, the impeller and water seal out.
3, check the water seal, if the water seal is bakelite, the wear is not too serious, you can put in the glass or dry wood on the emery cloth, the water seal grinding or use. If it is anti-thrust rubber seal, if damaged, swollen deformation and spring pressure is insufficient, broken and so on, should replace the new pieces.
4, fitted with water seal and lock ring and so on.
5, replace the pulley and pump cover, tighten the fixed nut (or screw).
6, the pump installed after the test: hand pulley, pump shaft should be no blocking phenomenon, the impeller and pump shell should be no impact sound.
7, the pump back to the engine, and a good hose and so on.
8, check the pump work: After the installation, add cooling water, start the engine, after 5 minutes of operation, the pump should be no collision sound and leakage of the phenomenon is good.
2, Q: Does your company have quality assurance?
A: DOAN roller machine sprinkler quality assurance. The company is guaranteed after sale, the minimum product warranty for one year; product replacement return convenient, if you are not satisfied with the product, after receipt of goods within 7 days without the use of the situation can be free exchange.
3, Q: roller maintenance tips
The lubrication of the outer bearing
Roller bearings include universal joints, hinges, cylinder bearings and mechanical transmission of the main clutch bearings, side drive bearings, steering bearings, front and rear wheels, etc., these places can be filled with butter lubrication. A grease or lithium-based grease with extreme pressure additives is usually used.
When filling butter, you should first wipe the butter on the mouth of the dust and residual oil, with a butter gun to the butter mouth oil, to ensure that the butter into the bearing. Add butter after a small amount of butter should be left on the nozzle to prevent dust from entering the bearing. The number of butter can be determined as follows: universal joint and clutch bearing two guns, steering cylinder block filling 3 guns, articulated bearing bearing 5 guns, side drive bearings, steering bearings and front and rear bearings filling 5 ~ 8 guns.
Lubricate the cylinder block and the hinge frame to turn the steering wheel to expose all the nozzle, the operator is not allowed to close the hinge frame. Only to be out of the engine and be braked before they can refuel.