DOAN machine asphalt pavement maintenance car was well received

DOAN built the project in 2010, the introduction of direct European and American technology, after 1 year of research and development and a number of successful development of the first domestic large tonnage asphalt insulation car, the product received in 2012, the market attention in the industry's top exhibition in Shanghai BMW products, this series of products have been highly praised by foreign customers, with the domestic awareness of the road maintenance continue to deepen, DOAN conservation products with a new high, unique in the industry, continue to develop in line with domestic and international conservation process requirements product. DOAN with its leading technology, superior quality, good after-sales won the customer's reputation, won the majority of users of all ages.

DOAN build machine maintenance equipment available on the market to obtain a wide range of recognition, Europe and the United States technology, reliable technology, excellent service to become DOAN in the market, "the flagship", attracted merchants from the endless stream, followed by product sales range Get a quick extension. DOAN original meticulous service network to give customers intimate care, more to promote the DOAN products in the market recognition. In the industry quickly spread out, first in the province in full swing, and then landed in Xinjiang, advance into Jiangxi; exported to South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.
DOAN machine maintenance products are widely used in highways, municipal roads, national trunk lines, rural roads, bridges, tunnels, factories and other asphalt pavement repair construction. The most notable feature is a 75% increase in work efficiency per unit time, a 33% reduction in manual labor, a 27% reduction in manual strength, and a 50% reduction in fuel use. Thus saving the cost, improve the efficiency, advanced technology, novel structure, in full compliance with China's low-carbon economy, circular economy and energy-saving emission reduction industry development policy requirements, the equipment technology for repair pavement pit construction technology in the industry is a Innovative technology.
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