DOAN hand style Double Wheel Roller

DOAN mechanical out of the new DA-35 hand-held double-wheeled roller, the use of the form of functional design concept. The new double-wheeled roller is equipped with a lift-type cover, with high efficiency and excellent performance. Perhaps the most obvious difference after the transformation is the design. The new lift cover is designed for easy access to all maintenance points such as engine maintenance or battery charging. The previous manual brake is replaced with a new automatic hydraulic brake; when the pressure drops, the roller brake is automatically activated. If the pressure rises, release the brake. The DA-35 is also equipped with a new scraper to prevent material from sticking to the drum. Overall, this roller is easier to operate.

Equipment Exhibition

hand style Double Wheel Roller for sale

"Our full hydraulic double wheel roller DA-35 has been a great success in the past decade, and now we update it to DA-35". Light compaction equipment products and application commissioner said. "The new roller is still full hydraulic, the same applies to vibration and walking compaction, and also equipped with a new design of the beautiful hood. We also use a new hydraulic oil cooler, in hot environments can also control the temperature. "
Atlas Cop is the only manufacturer of such hydraulic oil coolers. A variety of similar products can control the lower temperature; this cooler can reduce component wear, extend battery life, maintenance of seals and rubber parts and other polymer products to work properly, thus preventing the machine leakage. To ensure that the machine at low temperature conditions, easy to extend the life of the machine. The DA-35 offers more user-friendly new features. "Operators can also easily operate throttle controls, electric starter boxes and water controls, and also have low vibration values ​​like the DA-35," concludes.