DOAN Pavement Machine is the technology leader in the industry of asphalt road maintenance,we have independently design and manufacturer the first machine of intelligent linkage control asphalt and gravel spread seal vehicle of synchronization in China.It is filling up the shortage of this kind machine “MADE IN CHINA” formally. And we have accomplished many different level of the highway construction and maintenance in the global country.We have the experience accumulation and technology improvement more than 10 years. We are insist Innovation continually,and have manufacture the series of this kind machine. The series machine can meet the different demand of client,in addition,we are stand in the country standard position of the drafter and framer in the machine field base on the reliable and stable performance and the excellent market performance.

Recently, in order to solve the increasing demand of a tight schedule of the construction,the multifunction machine and improve construction quality requirements.DOAN research and development group is still innovation continually and break through the limit on the base of the old version of the pavement machine asphalt gravel synchronous chip sealerDAL25-T38,DAL14-T42,DAL08-T35 and DAL10-T35. we are have independently developed successfully the latest version of the machine,which is the world’s highest technology content and optimal skill. It is not only the biggest asphalt tank10000Land the stone warehouse in China , but also improve the efficiency of the construction greatly. It is also the biggest synchronous seal width number reach 4500 MM,and can satisfy the high precision of rubber asphalt spraying at the same time. It is really the most high-end spraying rubber asphalt machine at domestics and abroad.

Equipment Exhibition

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The machine chassis is mainly the import of heavy duty truck chassis,large power and carrying capacity high,have the strong power. In addition, it is also stability construction in the slope. The asphalt tank special construction is designed by our independently research and developed.Under the same condition of the same tank volume,we are reduce the vehicle center of the gravity and the best safety performance, it can adapt the different complex road situation,like many corners etc.The asphalt tank is unique double mixing system, which can reach the greatest efficiency of heating and mixing to rubber and asphalt. It is also improve the asphalt heating speed,which solve the rubber asphalt problem of rubber segregation and precipitation in the process of transportation and heating completely. With a large displacement asphalt pump, it can meet the requirements under various working conditions and the asphalt pump speed by the process control, as long as the asphalt dosage and the working width are finished, the asphalt pump speed will be changed automatically according to the vehicle speed change and realize intelligent control fully.

The stone warehouse construction is our patent,which is lower construction height,work smoothly, bigger volume and reasonable the center of the gravity. Compared with other company products, under the condition of make the stone warehouse volume maximize,we are shorten the length of the machine number 1M at least , which will save the charging time back and forth for client,it is greatly reduce the construction cost and improve the efficiency of the construction.The asphalt heating way is the double fire tube heating,which is strong heating efficiency and better asphalt heating performance.The Spraying dosage of the asphalt and gravel is intelligent control,so the dosage is much precisely and the spraying process is completely control by the computer.The spraying dosage is not affected by the speed of the vehicle and to achieve fine work. It will ensure the superior construction quality.Pneumatic system has automatic purge function,after accomplish the construction, which will automatic purge the canal and spraying tube.It will be blown back into the tank to avoid the asphalt residue remaining. The spray nozzle is not clean again ,It is fully embody the humanized design, so more quickly and conveniently.Unique gravel spraying system can make the spraying area more neatly .It is not any affected to the spraying dosage and spraying width under the different condition  of the construction road slope and others.