DA27 paver for Shanghai BMW Show

It is understood that the exhibitors of the DA27 paver carrying the DOAN multi-year paver technical advantages, technology and performance with the international leading level, fully qualified highway, the level of highway, airport construction, urban roads and other paving operations.

In the paving performance, DA27 installed a strong green high-power engine, paver rated working capacity of 900 tons / hour; hopper capacity of 16 tons, to ensure that the continuous construction of the material during the switch. Product low-speed scraper, smooth feeding, multi-stage spiral blade combination, pier-type steering screw boom, sub-smooth, can effectively prevent the material segregation. In addition, DA27 a machine design, mechanical screed and scalable screed can be arbitrarily switched; electric heating screed, screed heating evenly and quickly.
Equipment Exhibition
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In the intelligent and user-friendly, DA27 use of the unique i-Pave © intelligent fine paving technology, based on CAN bus technology components of intelligent control system, dedicated controller, easy to adjust the paving start / stop indentation Function, high construction quality. At the same time, DA27 control panel according to the user operating habits design, with easy to maintain the maintenance point and greater maintenance space, greatly improve the comfort of the operating machine, and comprehensively enhance the handling, testing, maintenance convenience.
The debut of the Shanghai BMW show, DA27 Paver will show the latest direction of industry technology development, and DOAN to expand the market share of high-end paver determination.