Construction technique of asphalt pavement prime coat

Functions and applicable condition 
1.function of prime coat:to make the asphalt layer and the base asphalt material match well, there is a thin layer on the surface of the penetration of the grassroots after sprayed emulsified asphalt,coal tar or liquid asphalt on the base course.
2.spray prime coat asphalt if meet below conditions:
(1)asphalt roadbed graded gravel,graded crushed stone base;
(2)cement,lime,fly ash and other inorganic binder stabilized soil
(3)aggregate must labor fully on the semi-rigid base layer of asphalt.
Equipment Exhibition
construction technique of asphalt pavement prime coat
General request
1.all with inorganic binder such as cement,lime and fly ash stabilized soil or aggregate of semi-rigid base,graded gravel,should be on the base of the grading macadam layer oil spraying.
2.consistency of prime coat oil asphalt should be confirmed after tested,for the surface density of semi-rigid base appropriate USES permeability good thin transparent layer asphalt;of graded gravel, grading macadam aggregate at the grass-roots level appropriate USES soft thick layer of asphalt. 
3.Prime coat oil asphalt should use slow cracked emulsified oil asphalt, or medium and slow cracked liquid petroleum asphalt or coal tar pitch.
4.When emulsified petroleum asphalt is used, the asphalt label used to make emulsified asphalt should be determined according to the conditions of the base class, local climate and so on.
5.The types and amounts of permeable asphalt should be determined experimentally and in accordance with the relevant technical requirements.
1.Through the layer of oil should not flow after the sprinkle, should penetrate the grass-roots level, not the formation of oil film on the surface.
2.In case of wind or rain, can not spray through the layer of oil. Temperature below 10 ℃ should not be sprayed through the layer of oil.
3.Spray qty should be designed according to the design of a uniform sprinkler, when there is leakage, the artificial sprinkler should be.。
4.After used DOAN intelligent asphalt cloth DAZ60-A60 spray through the layer must be strictly prohibited after the passage of people and vehicles.
5.Before paving asphalt, the asphalt no deeply into the grass-roots should be cleared.
6.Through the oil after the sprinkler should be fully infiltrated, generally not less than 24 hours before the paving the upper layer, but can not be sprayed after a long time not proud of the upper construction, should be the construction as soon as possible.
7.As for the inorganic binder stable semi-rigid base layer after spraying the oil, if not timely laying the surface layer, and also need to open the traffic, should be spread the right amount of stone or coarse sand, this time should increase the using qty by 10% . With the roller DAYL-120 compact well, and control the speed. Paving the upper layer found in the local asphalt peeling, should be repaired, need to clean floating stone or sand.