Construction of Bridge Expansion Joint

1.Construction process of bridge expansion joint:

Pre-installation preparation→chisel the concrete→cleaning groove→expansion joints in place→on the leveling→temporary fixation→detection→weld→edge→adjust the gap→welding the other side→test→clean→pour the concrete→maintenance→traffic green light.
2.、operation of bright expansion joint:
2.1Slot the slot on the original, pre-platform pavement layer,placement on each side to ensure that the area above the 7-30CM concrete pouring marked its slotted edge line. Cut the reserved slot along the concrete cutting machine, requiring the slits to be neat and straight, aligned with the original reserved edge, and to prevent contamination of the outer side of the process. The use of wind pick broken digging the concrete inside the tank, and clean up. Fill the concrete surface chisel. Finishing the embedded steel.
Construction display
Construction of Bridge Expansion Joint
2.2, the installation of expansion joints and in place
In the already cleared groove on the horizontal 3m ~ 5m away from a 3m or so, the cross-sectional size of 10cm × 10cm square wood, the expansion joints hanging on it, the corresponding check slot embedded steel plate location is appropriate, and Make the necessary adjustments, and then drag the gantry crane hoist in place. Use a small wire rope to check the midline position of the expansion joint (corresponding to the centerline of the bridge end gap). With 3m ruler to check the vertical straightness, along the length of the seam every 1m should not be less than two checkpoints, accurate inspection of the top and side of the expansion joints are smooth. With a wooden wedge to expand the overall support of the expansion joints, by the supervision and inspection, through.
2.3, the expansion joints and steel bars on the welding
Welding is generally symmetrical spot welding positioning, and then symmetrical welding propulsion operations, expansion joints per 0.75m range of at least one anchor steel and embedded steel welding, welding length of not less than 5cm. Welding operation, while welding with 3m ruler with the inspection, welding completed after the removal of the support pad wedge, and then a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the expansion of steel and bridge surface difference in the 0 ~ 1mm within. Welding fixed cleaning residue after the approval of the supervision and inspection, the timely removal of the lock fixture, expansion joints that enter the working state.
Equipment Exhibition
Construction of Bridge Expansion Joint1
2.4, fill the foam board, to ensure that pouring concrete does not leak pulp.
2.5, pouring concrete in the slot for the last time after the clean-up and rinse, with cloth or sheet cloth covered on both sides of the concrete pavement to prevent the construction of concrete pollution pavement or into the slit and control box. Concrete pouring molding, until the concrete after the final setting, in the base surface covered with water conservation.
2.6, use GD5X-350 filling machine, injection of PL-W sealant to the expansion joints.